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Graffiti Research Lab is a group of pranksters, graffiti writers and hackers devoted to having fun in public. One part mayhem mixed with a side of interactive art installation. You may remember them from their work with LED Throwiesor their graffiti laser tag which projects graffiti onto buildings.

For this edition, GRL Houston brings us Texas Big Face, the projection of a person’s face onto a piece of sculpture or even another person’s body to transform that object into a piece of interactive art. In short, hella cool.

Kirk Moreno and David Sutherland from GRL Houston sought out artist David Adickes, a Texas sculptor, known for his all-sculptures. All-white makes the perfect backdrop for a piece of interactive projection.

In this video, Sutherland and Adickes present the project and give a how-to instructional for those wanting to build one at home.

I’ve noticed that there is no GRL LA. Here’s a how to on building a GRL in your city. Head’s up LA!

The Links:

Graffiti Research Lab

GRL Houston

David Adickes


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JUMP!!: PS1 AND 5 POINTS NYC by Marauder


Go on second edition of Jump!! You may remember from our first edition, the genesis of this project but if not, here’s a brief recap. My friend Nita sent me a brilliant web site from Allison Reimus devoted to jumping in art museums. After giggling at my desk, I hatched a jumping plan of my own. Hence, Jump!! Part 1: The MoMa edition.

The idea behind these pictures is to layer art on top of art: the background masterpieces overlaid with animated expressions of joy. Jump time.


PS 1, our first location, is located on Long Island City, a sneeze away from Manhattan. We set out to take pictures in front of Wack!: Art and the Feminist Revolution but ended up taking many pictures in the courtyard in front of different pieces of art including Concrete Waves by Ryan McGuiness. The picture below enveloped in darkness is from Olafur Eliasson’s just opened Take Your Time exhibit.

5 Points, our second location, is across the street from PS1 and covered in the most beautiful graffiti this jumper has ever seen.

Jump!!: PS1 & 5 Points NYC Video

Being a part of this new ADD generation, I liked this idea for its accessibility to me and as an extension my larger target demo. These pictures and the process helped us to interact with the art and experience it in ways previously unimaginable.

Enough of the writing. . . More jumping.

Making Of Video

For more jump fun, click here or on any of the images above to view the entire photo stream.

Jumpers & Photo Credits:

Kelly Browne

Ashmi Dang

Caroline Giegerich

Joolee Lee

Crystal Park

Sarah Petroski

Shannon Roop

Merrily Rees

Cynthia Singiser

Security Guard (Anonymous)

Additional Thanks:

Martha Rivera & Leon

Live it loud.



Coming to a NYC waterway near you, waterfalls. That’s right. . .waterfalls.

Conceived by artist Olafur Eliasson and commissioned by the Public Art Fund, the waterfalls are meant to highlight the city’s natural elements alongside the industrial urban environment.

The Artist

The above image was dubbed The Weather Project and was installed in The Tate Modern in London in November 2003. Even though there was no heat emitted from the ‘sun’, visitors still took the opportunity to lie on the floor and sunbathe.

This is a great example of Eliasson’s work attempting to explore the way we interact with our environment through exhibition.

Born in Copenhagen in 1967, he now lives in Germany.

Opening tonight at the MoMa NY and thereafter at PS1 in Long Island City, the artist will present Take Your Time, an exhibition originally constructed in the MoMa San Francisco. This time around, the exhibit includes new works each focused on the intersection of nature and culture.

The Waterfalls

Seen here; a rendition of the waterfall to be located at Pier 35 in Manhattan. The falls will be constructed to be 90 to 120 ft in height using building materials readily available in NYC. The backbone will be made of scaffolding while pumps will bring water from the East River to the top. Don’t worry about the fishies. They’re protected by a filter which keeps aquatic life out and yummy East River water in.

Map of Waterfall Locations

Four locations will be scattered around the city as seen in the above map and will be viewable by land and by boat. Circle Line Tours will be offering the up-close experience daily from Pier 16 in Manhattan. Here’s the best part. The ride will either be free or discounted to the public.

Countdown to Waterfall

The waterfalls will be available for viewing from mid-July through mid-October, operating from 10AM – 7PM seven days a week.

Update: Caught a glimpse of the waterfalls under the Brooklyn Bridge (see below) this morning (6/26) on my ride.  Looks live kids.

For more information, click here to visit the website. . .which is by the way also very cool. Click on any of the icons on the left to see what I mean.

Donate to the Public Art Fund

The Public Art Fund works with both emerging and established artists to produce cultural exhibits around NYC. If you dig what they do, donate here.

Photos to Come

Meet the waterfall to be located underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Being that I bike by this location daily, expect photos from me. This makes me happy. . .and in a city sometimes filled with anxiety, we all need a bit more happy. Waterfall on people.

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