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Lena Dunham in HBO’s Girls

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The new series, Girls, comes to HBO this Sunday and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I watched the first two episodes in Austin at SXSW spawning my lady crush on its writer/creator, Lena Dunham. The show follows a group of NYC Williamsburg hipsters through their daily machinations focusing on the somewhat unglamorous side of their romantic transgressions. I spent my 20’s living in NYC, the latter half in which I was working at HBO, and hence, was especially excited to see this story unfold.

I’ve been watching the critical reviews come across the internet wires and they all boil down to one thing: sex. The sex in Sex & the City was glamorous Jimmy Choo-laced fantasy, thick with witty Samantha-isms and adorable recaps from Carrie. The sex in Girls is uncomfortable to watch and ‘real’ in a way I’ve never seen on screen before. Slate Magazine describes this realness as the “chronicling of bad sex” whereas New York Magazine raves that the sex “isn’t a reward, it’s a revelation.” So which is it? Lena Dunham writes, stars, and partially directs this series. She plays Hannah, a post-collegiate brutally torn from the parental financial purse strings to go out on her own for the first time. The first sex on screen carries out between Hannah and her sex buddy Adam, and while not ruining anything, I’ll just say, that I would never tell a friend about sex that bad.

That said, it wasn’t only the sex that I found so intriguing. It was the comfort level by which these girls interact with each other and by which Dunham herself is comfortable exposing the world to. There is one scene in particular that I have obsessed over, obsessed because I think it indicates some lack of cool on my part and therefore has been a conversation piece for weeks. Dunham’s character, Hannah, takes a bath with her towel-clad roommate Marnie chatting about their lives, a pastime which in most respects would be done over breakfast or perhaps, any other place with clothes on. I’ve obsessed because I’ve wanted to know if this happens in real life. Do women get together naked and talk about what’s going on in each other’s lives? I don’t even like to look people in the eye in the women’s locker room, let alone sit naked in a bathtub and talk about my sex life. Does this make me uncool?

Lena Dunham, as Hannah, with actor Adam Driver.

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Back to the sex. The attempt to categorize this show at the ‘everygirl’ story would be dangerous. In the same way that Sex & the City did not translate to the lives of most American women at the time it debuted, I don’t think Girls has the intention of direct translation. How many women buy Jimmy Choos on a Monday and Monolo Blahniks on a Tuesday? In the same respect, how many women catch up on their day with their best friend sitting naked in a bathtub and then have discussions about how maybe they really do want AIDS at the doctor’s office? Here’s where I had to reel myself in. Being that you, the viewer, are presented with a woman (Dunham) who looks more real than the skinny plastic surgery-disfigured faces of so many Hollywood actresses, the viewer immediately thinks that what happens on screen will look more similar to their own world. In my case, even though I spent some time living in Williamsburg, the attempt at direct correlation was lost in translation. Frankly, that’s not the point. I think Dunham’s intention is to entertain with her own story and hope that each viewer draws inspiration in whichever way makes sense. Whether that’s making one person feel less embarrassed about their own bad sex moment or more comfortable in simply sharing something with a friend, so be it. So, I’ll attempt to stop thinking about how uncool I am for my lack of bathtub friend time…but seriously, does this make me uncool?! Maybe not, but quotes like this one, make Lena Dunham fresh to death.


In other news, Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 Billion (scaring the sh-t out of this Instagram user right here and this one over there), Google busts out some augmented reality glasses which sadly bring on the Star Trek jokes, and Bravo announces plans to bring a Silicon Valley reality series to screen.


Some more Cool Sh-t:

Architecture Meets Outdoor Art Projection

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November 3, 2009, 11:30 PM
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The number of e-books available for Apple‘s iPhone and iPodTouch through the App Store surpassed the leading category, games, in September for the first time, an indication that the devices could grab market share from Amazon’s market-leading Kindle reader, a research firm said. (Informationweek11/2)

A Silicon Valley start-up said it sued Barnes & Noble on Monday, claiming that the bookseller misappropriated trade secrets in creating the Nook e-reader. Cupertino, Calif-based Spring Design said it had a nondisclosure agreement with Barnes & Noble and had been discussing its e-reader plans with the bookseller since early this year. (Cnet 11/2)

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February 10, 2009, 7:16 PM
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Live Nation and Ticketmaster are agreeing to merge in a $2.5 billion deal that will combine the top U.S. ticket provider, artist management company and concert promoter under one roof, headed by Barry Diller. The deal is expected to impact “the way the music business works.” (Iwantmedia 2/10, http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/livenation-ticketmaster-merge-25-billon/story.aspx?guid=%7BB67F9F9D-0649-4DF4-907C-80A9515780B7%7D 2/10)


Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, one of the highest profile Republican tech execs in Silicon Valley, is forming a committee to explore running for governor of California in 2010. “California faces challenges unlike any other time in its history,” she says. “I refuse to stand by and watch it fail.” (http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSTRE5185UO20090209 2/9)

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Moments after news got out that Yahoo’s next CEO will be Carol Bartz, the stock started dropping like a rock. Her selection is not inspiring confidence on Wall Street, where investors are scratching their heads as much as tech pundits in Silicon Valley. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/01/13/wall-street-not-impressed-with-bartz-as-next-yahoo-ceo 1/13)


Facebook, which became the largest worldwide social network in mid 2008, is still playing catch up to MySpace in the U.S. They have 54.5 million monthly unique visitors, says Comscore, compared to nearly 76 million for MySpace. But Facebook’s growth rate in the U.S. averaged 3.8% per month over the last twelve months. MySpace’s U.S. growth rate is 0.8% per month. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, but unless things change a lot, Facebook will overtake MySpace to become the largest social network in the U.S. in…2010. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/01/13/social-networking-will-facebook-overtake-myspace-in-the-us-in-2009 1/13)


Even the adult industry is experiencing shrinkage. The 2009 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas is seeing an 18% drop in exhibitors. While the adult industry makes more money from digital distribution than mainstream media, the business is being hurt by free content online. (http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117998399.html?categoryid=2112&cs=1 1/12)

If the porn industry is hurting, we’re all going to hell… But we love you too.


Google continued to increase its share of the U.S. Search ad market in Dec. 2008 according to Hitwise, increasing its market share by 14% year-over-year to 72% for the 4 weeks ending Dec. 27. Both MSN Search and Yahoo! Search saw increases of 2 percent and 1 percent, respectively, in December 2008 compared with November 2008 but lost market share from a year earlier. (Cynopsis 1/13)

Percentage of U.S. Searches Among Leading Search Engine Providers
Domain         Dec. 2007   Nov. 2008  Dec. 2008  Overall 2008
Google            65.98%     71.97%     72.07%     69.48%
Yahoo             20.88%     17.70%     17.79%     19.16%
MSN                7.04%       5.45%       5.56%        5.88%
Ask.com           4.14%      3.35%       3.15%         3.80%
Source: Hitwise

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May 20, 2008, 8:03 PM
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Netflix is partnering with Roku, a small Silicon Valley company, to sell a $99 set-top box that would allow its 8.2 million subscribers to watch a limited inventory of films on their TV sets, rather than over the Internet. Netflix, which owns a small piece of the company, has a selection of 10,000 titles available for download, compared with its total library of 100,000 DVD titles. (The New York Times 5/20)

Some thoughts on this. The Apple TV box: $229 / Roku Netflix box: $99 Freshness of titles: Apple TV wins. The titles available on iTunes to rent are available after being released on DVD for 30 days whereas Netflix offers older titles to stream. Number of titles: Netflix Roku box wins. Overall, I dig the Roku but am dying to test it.

The Roku

JVC announced a handheld camcorder, the .6 lbs. GZ-MS100, that features one-button uploading to YouTube. Connect the camera to a Windows PC via USB or SD card and press the upload button and the application automatically uploads up to 10 minutes of video to YouTube.com. The JVC GZ-MS100 will be available in June for $349.99. (Cynopsis 5/20)