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This past weekend, I experienced my first Coachella, which prompted me to immediately rename it HOTchella with temperatures peaking at 105 degrees on site, only a few degrees shy of the record set at 107 on April 21, 1958. With my beginnings in radio, I’ve been to many music festivals over the years, most of them from the years of ’96 to ’01. This one, however, was bigger than anything I’d ever seen. Two outdoor stages and three tents devoted to five bands at any given time. Young and old gathered in a field under intense narcotics use. It felt like the music festival version of Dazed and Confused.



The size and scale of the venue made the experience simultaneously a bit intimidating and awe-inspiring. My favorites? Azealia Banks hands down. Nothing like watching an entire crowd scream out the c-word while Banks rapped ‘212’, bobbing back and forth on stage with her L’il Kim-inspired pasties. Cue to 1:28 and enjoy. She’s only 20 and hypnotic.


I loved Bon Iver as always even though his energy level was a bit disappointing. Feist had incredible moments but her attempt to rock out seemed a bit off-brand.


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The disappointment? Radiohead. For the record, I left while they were playing. I’ve seen Radiohead three times, once in D.C. while holding onto the front barricade mere inches from Thom Yorke. I’ve seen them command thousands of people from a first note. This, was not that experience. They seemed to be playing for themselves, a narcissism that was felt throughout the field.


I was on site looking at sponsorship opportunities. To this end, I really enjoyed the H&M tent. They are the exclusive sponsor to provide free water at the festival. They came up with this brilliant idea years ago and wrote it into their contract. Their tent was covered in fan photos from top to bottom and included a freshen-up station, which in the astounding heat, was an absolute oasis. Through Instagram, fans could upload a photo with the hashtag #kissforacause to donate $1 to HIV/AIDS prevention. Smart.


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H&M Tent – Photo Wall


Photo Credit: Daily Marauder

H&M Tent – Instagram Photo Upload for a Cause


Photo Credit: Daily Marauder

H&M Tent – Freshen-Up Station


In other news, Android has hit a rough patch, rumors surround an iPad Mini launch, this Olympic ad from P&G draws tears and views and Tumblr will launch ads on site May 2nd.


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January 14, 2009, 1:32 AM
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One part Jay Z and one part Radiohead, Jaydiohead is the mash-up album from NYC producer Minty Fresh Beats.  Wrong Prayer…so wrong yet so right.  Shout to Rish for droppin’ the love on his Facebook page.


Not since The Grey Album have I been so intrigued…

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To say that Radiohead has been wildly inventive in the digital space with this last album, would be putting it mildly.  Don’t believe me?  Click here.

Back in the winter, Radiohead challenged animators to create a piece of animation using music from their new album.  Thousands of videos were submitted.  From these, 13 finalists were selected.  Until June 30th, you can vote on the list of 13.  Each piece of animation is wondrously inventive.  Anyone who thinks users can’t create content complimentary to professionally-created content should have a look at these videos.  Here’s my favorite below.  I almost teared up. . .just a little bit.

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April 11, 2008, 6:20 PM
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CD sales are expected to plummet 14.2% from 2006 to 2012 as reported by Wired. Most in the music industry react to this percentage with all out panic. For an artist’s perspective on traditional music distribution models, check out David Byrne’s Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists — and Megastars (Wired 12/07).

Rather than relying on a music industry poised to hit the panic button, Radiohead decided to tackle the digital universe head-on.

First Comes the Album

Since the October 10th online release of In Rainbows, Radiohead fans have enjoyed a steady stream of incredibly engaging, mostly free interactive promotions and content in what is quickly becoming the new media music story of ’08. During the album’s first 29 days online in October, 1.2 million users visited the site as reported by comScore. The album was available as a DRM-free digital download on a pay-what-you-wish model. 2 out of every 5 users were willing to pay for the product. Interesting to note, however, that U.S. users paid on average $8.05 per download while the worldwide average was $4.64.

The album was officially released in stores and for sale online January 1st 2008 and quickly took the number 1 spot even though the album had been available for free as a pre-release for the preceding 3 months.

Then Comes the Film

Fans rang in the New Year with a midnight airing of Scotch Mist, the band’s first live performance of the entire album of In Rainbows on radiohead.com. The film also aired on various local cable channels around the country and was later released on iTunes and a variety of sites including YouTube for free.

On to the Promotions

Through several websites and Facebook, fans were invited to animate a video for Adult Swim and create a digital rainbow through Buzznet.

And Finally the Remix

As mentioned on these pages last week, the band recently launched www.radioheadremix.com with XL Recordings, inviting us all to channel our inner producer and remix their latest single “Nude.” In doing so, Radiohead started the ultimate conversation with their fans by surrendering creative control of the music to the masses. Our Marauder has been listening to the top-rated mix by Holy F-ck on repeat for over a week now frustrating her co-workers to no end.

The Marauder Chillout Mix

As a fan of both the band and their evolving re-creation of the business of music (NOT the music business), I decided to try out my own remix. After a few of hours learning Garageband (love it!) and numerous failed attempts, here is Nude (The Marauder Chillout Mix). I’ve never had so much fun listening to music as I did while working on this track.

The Facebook Application

Radiohead was not the first to re-invent the music industry’s most damaged wheel, but after the revenue numbers are all in, I doubt they’ll be the last.

The score now stands at:

Radiohead: 2

Music Label Goliath: 0

Post and Remix Credit: Ashmi Elizabeth Dang

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