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LA Artist Retna at the corner of Bowery/Houston


NY artist Wane along Kent Ave in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Kent Ave under the Williamsburg Bridge/ Brooklyn, NYC

Photo Credits: Daily Marauder


This past week, I spent some time in NYC. During my walking trips around the city, I took a few snaps of some incredible street art from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Street art holds quite a bit more worth to me than anything hanging in a gallery because of the circumstances surrounding its viewing. Much in the way Bill Cunningham chronicles street style in the NY Times to show what real (or somewhat real) New Yorkers are doing with the latest runway pieces, street art is built for everyone. Cunningham remarked that “The best fashion show is on the street” and I would add that the best art show is in the same place. No admission fee. No thoughtful head nodding or crowds of people. Just art. Unexpected and there whenever you want it.


It still strikes me as incredibly odd that LA brought the first street art exhibit to creation at the MOCA Los Angeles, while NYC snubbed its nose in Brooklyn. Between the two cities, street art certainly has its place where it is fostered. In NYC, that’s usually the outer boroughs and in LA that’s Hollywood or downtown LA.


I tried to track down the artist behind the bottom piece in Brooklyn but wasn’t successful. If anyone has the information, please leave a comment or email me.


This past weekend, I also watched the 1980’s film Wild Style all about graffiti art culture in the South Bronx, the birthplace of hip hop. It’s not a well-acted film by any means but it’s got a realness to it that’s fascinating.


In other news, Facebook’s IPO finally goes live and experiences some growing pains, the Zuck gets married, the queen and king of disco, Donna Summer & Robin Gibb, passed away, and Pinterest continues to show strength in pushing e-commerce.


Some more Cool Sh-t:

The Anti-Gravity Ball





Lena Dunham in HBO’s Girls

© Jojo Whilden/HBO. All rights reserved.


The new series, Girls, comes to HBO this Sunday and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I watched the first two episodes in Austin at SXSW spawning my lady crush on its writer/creator, Lena Dunham. The show follows a group of NYC Williamsburg hipsters through their daily machinations focusing on the somewhat unglamorous side of their romantic transgressions. I spent my 20’s living in NYC, the latter half in which I was working at HBO, and hence, was especially excited to see this story unfold.

I’ve been watching the critical reviews come across the internet wires and they all boil down to one thing: sex. The sex in Sex & the City was glamorous Jimmy Choo-laced fantasy, thick with witty Samantha-isms and adorable recaps from Carrie. The sex in Girls is uncomfortable to watch and ‘real’ in a way I’ve never seen on screen before. Slate Magazine describes this realness as the “chronicling of bad sex” whereas New York Magazine raves that the sex “isn’t a reward, it’s a revelation.” So which is it? Lena Dunham writes, stars, and partially directs this series. She plays Hannah, a post-collegiate brutally torn from the parental financial purse strings to go out on her own for the first time. The first sex on screen carries out between Hannah and her sex buddy Adam, and while not ruining anything, I’ll just say, that I would never tell a friend about sex that bad.

That said, it wasn’t only the sex that I found so intriguing. It was the comfort level by which these girls interact with each other and by which Dunham herself is comfortable exposing the world to. There is one scene in particular that I have obsessed over, obsessed because I think it indicates some lack of cool on my part and therefore has been a conversation piece for weeks. Dunham’s character, Hannah, takes a bath with her towel-clad roommate Marnie chatting about their lives, a pastime which in most respects would be done over breakfast or perhaps, any other place with clothes on. I’ve obsessed because I’ve wanted to know if this happens in real life. Do women get together naked and talk about what’s going on in each other’s lives? I don’t even like to look people in the eye in the women’s locker room, let alone sit naked in a bathtub and talk about my sex life. Does this make me uncool?

Lena Dunham, as Hannah, with actor Adam Driver.

(Photo: Jojo Whilden/HBO)


Back to the sex. The attempt to categorize this show at the ‘everygirl’ story would be dangerous. In the same way that Sex & the City did not translate to the lives of most American women at the time it debuted, I don’t think Girls has the intention of direct translation. How many women buy Jimmy Choos on a Monday and Monolo Blahniks on a Tuesday? In the same respect, how many women catch up on their day with their best friend sitting naked in a bathtub and then have discussions about how maybe they really do want AIDS at the doctor’s office? Here’s where I had to reel myself in. Being that you, the viewer, are presented with a woman (Dunham) who looks more real than the skinny plastic surgery-disfigured faces of so many Hollywood actresses, the viewer immediately thinks that what happens on screen will look more similar to their own world. In my case, even though I spent some time living in Williamsburg, the attempt at direct correlation was lost in translation. Frankly, that’s not the point. I think Dunham’s intention is to entertain with her own story and hope that each viewer draws inspiration in whichever way makes sense. Whether that’s making one person feel less embarrassed about their own bad sex moment or more comfortable in simply sharing something with a friend, so be it. So, I’ll attempt to stop thinking about how uncool I am for my lack of bathtub friend time…but seriously, does this make me uncool?! Maybe not, but quotes like this one, make Lena Dunham fresh to death.


In other news, Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 Billion (scaring the sh-t out of this Instagram user right here and this one over there), Google busts out some augmented reality glasses which sadly bring on the Star Trek jokes, and Bravo announces plans to bring a Silicon Valley reality series to screen.


Some more Cool Sh-t:

Architecture Meets Outdoor Art Projection

Photo Credit: Designboom



Downtown Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Daily Marauder

Over the weekend, the Santas converged, ready to get their drink on. Santacon began in 1994 in San Francisco when a group of 30 Santa’s converged on downtown SF and caused a bit of Kris Kringle mayhem. That spontaneous coordination of Santa fun has progressed into an international phenomenon. Saturday, Santacon dropped in on NYC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The crowd descended on a Santa-infused pub crawl bringing chaos and fun in its wake. Did you happen to catch the red and white tide? If so, here’s a few pics to catch you up on the fun you missed.

Los Angeles

Mariachi Square, Los Angeles “Sado Masachristmas”

Photo Credit: Daily Marauder

We were in attendance on this one and it was truly an interesting array of creative holiday spirit. Locations were communicated either through traditional means (shouting) or through more digital means (Twitter).   As this is a driving town, I was relieved to find that the flask-bearing crowd took the subway from location to location.

And who knew Santa had beef? In this shot, clowns show up to protest Santa’s progression through the streets. And yes, it rains in LA.

La Perla Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Daily Marauder

Here the singing Santas take over the subway. Yup, I didn’t know LA had one either…

New York City

Washington Square Park, NYC

Photo Credit: Sdavisk

San Francisco

Castro, San Francisco

Photo Credit: Jon Bauer

For more information on Santacon coming to a city near you, check out this calendar of events. Happy Holidays from one Santa to another.

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Grilled Cheese Truck

Last night in Silverlake here in Los Angeles, I made up my mind to track down The Grilled Cheese Truck after consulting with @thirteenny and convincing @kw to come with me. I located the cheesy goodness on Twitter and made my way down to MOCA to sample the wares.

After driving around for 20 minutes trying to locate a spot, I gave up and parked my car with the hazards on. There was no way I was walking away without a grilled cheese sandwich in hand, even if I had to cry in front of a parking attendant to get one. Out-of-state plates are so useful in times of need.

Menu Grilled Cheese Truck

After a quick read of the menu, the combinations were a bit less than inventive. They could learn something from a quick study of S’Mac’s menu in the East Village, NYC. Mac & Cheese yes but stunning combinations of cheese all the same. All the same, a good classic is a good classic. I was ready to get this cheesy party started.

I went with the Cheesy Mac and Rib because really, isn’t it double the carbs, double the fun? Now, paying $7 for a grilled cheese sandwich isn’t something I’m in the habit of doing but what the hell, a girl’s gotta eat.

Grilled Cheese Truck LAist

Photo Credit: Zach Behrens/LAist

The sandwich left me with several highs and a few low notes. On the upside, the cheese was perfectly melted and the sharpness of the cheddar perfectly paired with the sweetness in the BBQ pork and caramelized onions. The induced sad face came from the clump of BBQ pork aggregated in the middle of the sandwich rather than spread around for evenness. I expect a little extra on a $7 sandwich. Of course, I’ll pay $15 for a Katz’s Pastrami because I know it will be perfection every time.

In the end, as I shivered on the street while watching my illegally parked car like a hawk and downing melted cheese, I was satisfied with my melted goodness. That said, I won’t be as intent on tracking the truck down in the future.

The trucks’s chef Dave Danhi hails from an impressive list of restaurants from the Water Grill, Roxbury Supper Club, Habana, and Georgia. After a pre-melt in the Farmer’s Market, the truck launched to the masses on October 27th. The power of the launch was strengthened by Danhi and partner Michele Grant’s twitter feed launched 2 months earlier to spread the buzz. That goal was certainly attained as I don’t know single Angelino who hasn’t mentioned the truck in the past week. At this point, food trucks and twitter feeds are almost synonymous with each other. If you’re looking for a Twitter list of food trucks in your city, check these out:




As I drove home to West Hollywood full of toasted cheesiness, I passed countless Mexican food trucks and began to ponder. Yes, there is a food truck craze in full tilt. Yes, we love them. But what about the trucks that started it all? On my next commute home, I’m stopping there and getting a $3 taco. I’m pretty sure I’ll be even more satisfied.

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Downtown LA

Downtown LA

Photo Credit: the bocket

For the past 2 years, I’ve fancied myself a biker. Not simply one of those Spandex-wearing weekend riders but someone who commuted to her midtown office from the East Village frequently. Upon moving from NYC to LA, I thought my cycling would surely increase in intensity. After searching tirelessly for a new bike after mine was stolen in Brooklyn, I picked up some new wheels from Monty at Helen’s Cycles in Santa Monica.

Daily Marauder Bike Weho

My Baby at the Starting Point/ West Hollywood, CA (I can finally rock a spoke card)

After a few weekend rides from Manhattan Beach to Palos Verdes, I thought I was ready to try the commute from my home in West Hollywood to Daily Marauder’s office downtown LA.

The Road

After procrastinating for far too long, I left my house at approximately 9:45AM. I took the diagonal down to Venice Boulevard along San Vicente. The wide road and easy traffic left me feeling over-confident. The computer on my back in my messenger bag started to ping my former shoulder injury almost immediately. Venice Boulevard in sight, I made the left and continued on ‘glee’-ful that I would finally have a bike lane. I did, for perhaps 2 lights. Le sigh.

Then, it was bike lane-free for the remaining 7 miles downtown. The traffic was light which made things fear-free.

Daily Marauder Office Downtown LA

Downtown LA

After arriving at work, I picked up the prerequisite coffee and quiche and carried my bike up the 4 flights of stairs to our office. I was exhausted and what’s more, at around 5PM, I would have to do it all again. Speaking of which, the ride home was by far scarier darting in between cars and buses pretending to be a bad ass while I tried to keep from peeing in my pants.

Distance: 26 miles roundtrip

Time: 2 hours and change

Hills: YES. OK…maybe I’m exaggerating here but I’m used to FLAT.

Pride: You can suck it LA. I’ll be back out there next Monday. This time, I think a back pack is in order.

NYC vs. LA

Daily Marauder Bike NYC

A Statement on the MTA/ Taken at 42nd Street/6th Avenue

In NYC, my morning commute would only consist of 3 miles each way. I would wear my cute dress and flip flops and ride along with the bike messengers to prove you can fashionably pass on the left. I would breeze into HBO feeling hardly challenged and park my bike in bike parking in the basement. The bike messengers and mail people in the building thought my daily commutes were pretty hysterical, especially as I suited up in my heels whipping out my BlackBerry as I motored for the elevator. Bike Barbie in. Professional Barbie out.

In LA, I bike 13 miles to work sneakers and Lululemon wicking fabric in tow. On the eastside, I arrived at work with 2 computers staring back at me. In LA, my MacBook Pro travels on my back. NYC doesn’t do hills unless you count the approach to the George Washington Bridge which really only applies to weekend rides for most people. LA’s got hills boy…HILLS. The last thing you want to see after 12 miles home from work is a wall of hill staring back at you.

Let’s talk cars for a second. Yes, NYC drivers are mean, cut in and out of traffic and will swear at you on a daily basis.

But here’s the difference: at least they know you’re THERE.

LA drivers hardly seem to be paying any attention at all trying to get in that text while looking for the closest Coffee Bean. Wake up y’all! Between NYC and LA, far too many of my friends have been hit by cars. A friend was recently hit in Brooklyn and more than twelve weeks later is still walking with a boot. Hell, I’ve been hit by a cab before. Be careful out there. I know some bikers can be assholes. I’ve seen them and ridden with them. They drive me nutty. Keep in mind; they are the few. Most of us are cool people who just want an alternative means to work outside the 4 wheels and gas tank (not to exclude you hybrids out there). So, in whatever city you live, go get your bike commute on and drop me a note and let me know how it goes.

Bike Commuting in NYC:

Ride the City

NYC Bike Maps

Map My Ride

Bike Commuting in LA:


LA Bikeways

Map My Ride

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Costume Share

Neighborgoods, the web site encouraging users in the LA area to share and share alike, is throwing a Halloween Costume Sharefor members only. Come down, bring a costume, and find a new one that you can rock out this year. Last year, I rode my bike in Critical Mass NYC on Halloween in a carelessly stitched Facebook costume. This year, I plan to fight someone to the death for the mustard costume. I’ve got ears on the inside…otherwise known as Daily Marauder shares office space with Neighborgoods.

Time: Friday October 30th at 8:00PM PT

Location: Idyllic Nerd Commune, 923 East 3rd Street #407, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Tickets: Free but you must be a member to roll so if not, sign up here.

If you’re not familiar with Neighborgoods, the site allows you to share and find things through friends or strangers. Have an extra bucket to share? Need a Kindle for a long flight? Hello Neighborgoods. You can also earn money for sharing (or shall I say renting) your stuff. And if you need some fun ideas for Halloween costumes, check this out.

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On Wednesday, Columbia Pictures is releasing Michael Jackson’s documentary “This Is It” in theaters across the world.Before the film hits theaters though, it will make its worldwide premiere at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles today. The red carpet for the premiere will be live streamed via webcastacross the world, starting at 4:30 PM PDT. (Mashable10/26)

Michael Jackson

Twitter’s growth these days seems to be coming from abroad. ComScore data shows a 6.7 percent jump from August to September in worldwide vistors to 58.4 million (which translates to 949 percent increase from a year ago). The 20.9 million visitors from the U.S., in contrast, has remained flat since June. (Techcrunch10/26)

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