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“as you can imagine, shit is just fkd up right now. but i wanna say thank you to all our

friends and family (which are kinda one in the same) for all the love and support.
i’m glad to know that all the love that Yauch has put out into the world is coming right back at him.
thank you.”

– Mike D


Coldplay Tribute 5/4 at the Hollywood Bowl “Fight for Your Right to Party”


It is with great sadness that I dedicate this post to one of my heroes, Adam “MCA” Yauch from the Beastie Boys. He died last week at 47 years old from cancer in his salivary glands. Yauch co-founded the Beastie Boys with Mike “Mike D” Diamond and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz in 1979, one year after I was born. The Beastie Boys started as a punk rock group and quickly merged over into hip hop.   Paul’s Boutique defined my college experience and laid groundwork for a connection to music which has motivated and pushed me forward in the darkest of times. He was one of my heroes. He will be missed.



For more videos to remind you of the Beastie Boys genius, click here.



In other news, Nielsen reported another drop in TV viewers, the Apple OS vs. Android deathmatch continues, The Scream sells at Sotheby’s for a cool $120MM, Turntable tries to get its mojo back, Facebook sets its IPO at $28 – $35 a share, Discovery buys Revision 3, ComScore names Tagged as the most engaged social network, and Zynga sees massive decline from its recent acquisition Draw Something.


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Transmission LA: Mike D Curated Art

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On Wednesday, Columbia Pictures is releasing Michael Jackson’s documentary “This Is It” in theaters across the world.Before the film hits theaters though, it will make its worldwide premiere at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles today. The red carpet for the premiere will be live streamed via webcastacross the world, starting at 4:30 PM PDT. (Mashable10/26)

Michael Jackson

Twitter’s growth these days seems to be coming from abroad. ComScore data shows a 6.7 percent jump from August to September in worldwide vistors to 58.4 million (which translates to 949 percent increase from a year ago). The 20.9 million visitors from the U.S., in contrast, has remained flat since June. (Techcrunch10/26)

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Optimedia U.S. has released a new survey that attempts to measure not only how many people watched a show across multiple platforms but also how engaged viewers are in it and how much buzz it gets. “American Idol” on Fox was at the top of the Content Power Ratings, AMC’s “Mad Men” was the highest-ranked prime-time cable show and Showtime’s “Dexter” was the highest-ranked pay-cable program. The New York Times/TV Decoder blog (5/14) , TVWeek.com (5/14)


YouTube remains the largest online-video brand site, but Hulu has grown from 63.2 million total streams in April 2008 to 373.3 million in April 2009 — a 490% increase, according to Nielsen Online. Other online-video brands on the list were Yahoo!, Fox Interactive Media, Nickelodeon Kids & Family Network, MSN/Windows Live, ABC.com, MTV Networks Music, and Turner Sports & Entertainment Digital. TVWeek.com (5/14) , Mediaweek (5/14)

While Nielsen says Hulu received 8.9 million visitors in March, comScore claims the video site received 42 million. The wildly divergent numbers demonstrate the nascency of the market for online video measurement. Advertising execs complain: It’s “still the wild wild West.” (Iwantmedia 5/15, http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/15/business/media/15nielsen.html?_r=1&adxnnl=1&adxnnlx=1242417777-hPCG7aRJ6N313TbLNTrCjg 5/15)

How many Twitter followers do you have? Chances are it’s nowhere near 1 million — only seven users have that many. Oprah just joined the club as the 8th member. But what’s crazy is that she gained her millionth follower just 28 days after signing up for the service. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/05/14/28-days-later-oprah-races-past-a-million-twitter-followers 5/14)

Oprah twitter

The New York Times is said to be nearing a decision on how to charge for some of its content on the Internet. One proposal will allow a reader to roam freely on the Web site until hitting a predetermined limit of word-count or pageviews, after which a meter will start running. (Iwantmedia 5/15, http://www.observer.com/2009/media/new-york-times-considering-two-plans-charge-content-web 4/15)

Google has rolled out a new recommendations gadget that allows sites that use Google Friend Connect to see which parts of their websites their visitors like best. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/05/15/google-friend-connect-adds-recommendations-gadget 5/15)

Google reco

RealNetworks, which is waging a court battle against Hollywood studios over its DVD-copying software, is now filing antitrust claims against them, saying they are trying to prevent other companies from building products that let consumers legally copy DVDs for personal use. (Iwantmedia 5/15, http://www.informationweek.com/news/personal_tech/drm/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=217500225 5/14)

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia will test a paid download model for access to some of its vast library of online video content next month. The test will make the lifestyle media company the latest media operation to try charging for content online. “It has to happen,” says Stewart. (Iwantmedia 5/15, http://www.smartmoney.com/news/ON/?story=ON-20090514-000657-1426 5/14)

A new screen-sharing app launched today from drop.io, which keeps adding features to its private file-sharing service. The new product is called present.io and it lets you set up a screen-sharing presentation with multiple participants in just a few clicks. Present.io has a lot in common with drop.io’s chat feature which it added last month, except that it looks like this scales to hundreds of participants and is designed specifically for webinars and group presentations. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/05/14/dropio-adds-seamless-screen-sharing-app-with-presentio 5/14)

Roger McNamee, co-founder of Elevation Partners, which bought a big stake in Forbes Media in 2006, is resigning from the Forbes board. The investment firm’s bet that Forbes.com would come to offset the company’s declining print business “proved to be wrong,” he admits. (Iwantmedia 5/15, http://www.nypost.com/seven/05152009/business/at_forbes_media__the_knives_are_coming_169342.htm 5/15)

Cablevision, the New York-area cable-television provider, is in talks to offer an interactive travel service to subscribers in competition with Web sites such as Expedia and Orbitz. The service would allow Cablevision customers to book trips through their TV sets. (Iwantmedia 5/15, http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=a.qDlgdX26JA 5/15)

Cablevision Systems Corp., which has set up thousands of Wi-Fi hot spots in the Long Island, Connecticut and Westchester-Dutchess, N.Y., areas, has announced that it has expanded its high-speed wireless Web access in New Jersey to include areas such as Shore Points and Morris, Ocean and Monmouth counties. Bethpage, N.Y.-based Cablevision also said that it was now offering Wi-Fi speeds up to 3 Mbps, which is double its previous offering. Forbes/The Associated Press (5/14)

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Sony‘s entertainment unit is negotiating with Google to become the first major U.S. film studio to post full-length movies on YouTube. No other details on the possible deal were provided by Sony. YouTube did not comment on the talks. Bloomberg (4/9)


As video sites on the Web struggle to find a business model that will pay their mounting bandwidth and storage bills, many of them are trying to reinvent themselves. Veoh, which has raised a total of $70 million, had to cut 35 percent of its staff earlier this month and the site seems to be losing steam. Unique visitors are down 18 percent from their high a year ago to 15.2 million worldwide, and users of its desktop app VeohTV are down 40 percent to 7.2 million worldwide, according to comScore (see chart below). (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/04/10/veohs-hail-mary-spreading-video-search-across-the-web-with-video-compass 4/10)


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What was a bad situation in November 2008 is starting to turn outright ugly – Facebook is now well over twice the size of MySpace, according to recent worldwide Comscore data. And what’s worse, MySpace is losing audience while Facebook absolutely hockey sticks: MySpace lost 2% of users in just one month, while Facebook grew by nearly 40 million members in February alone. MySpace currently has 124 million monthly unique visitors, compared to Facebook’s 276 million. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/03/23/facebook-hockey-sticks-while-myspace-languishes/ 3/23)


CBS fired all on cylinders with its multiplatform coverage of March Madness, tipping off tourney simulcasts on Thursday with record traffic. Broader distribution, heavy promotion and the addition of Silverlight 2-powered (and Akamai-served) HD-quality streaming this year helped drive 2.7 million unique visitors to the NCAA March Madness on Demand video player, a 56% spike from last year. Users consumed 2.8 million hours of live video and audio streaming, up 65% from 2008. (Cynopsis 3/23)

Amazon is beta testing its HDTV service as it gets ready to compete with Apple’s iTunes for television downloads for $2.99. Gigaom reporter Janko Roettgers googled around Amazon’s listings to discover unannounced pricing details. The New York Times/GigaOm (3/21)

Amateur video-makers are ensnared in a dispute between Warner Music and Google‘s YouTube over how the music company should be paid for non-professional clips that use copyrighted works. The dispute is causing thousands of videos to be yanked from the site. (Iwantmedia 3/23, http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/23/business/media/23warner.html?_r=1 3/23)


Advance Publications’ 174-year-old Ann Arbor (Mich.) News will follow in the footsteps of Hearst’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer by shutting down its daily newspaper and replacing it with an Internet news operation, AnnArbor.com. Job losses “will be unavoidable.” (Iwantmedia 3/23, http://tech.yahoo.com/news/afp/20090323/tc_afp/usmedianewspapersindustryinternetcompanyadvance 3/23)

Apparently, advertising on traditional television still works: Viewership on Hulu surged 55% in February, thanks to the video site’s Super Bowl commercials featuring “30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin, says comScore. That growth put Hulu at No. 2 of top-gaining properties. (Iwantmedia 3/23, http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2343547,00.asp 3/20)


To help keep Ugly Betty fans appeased during the show’s spring hiatus, ABC.com premiered the first of six new short-form episodes of the web exclusive Ugly Betty: Mode After Hours series starring Michael Urie and Becki Newton. The initial six webisodes garnering over 10 million views, according to ABC. (Cynopsis 3/23)


Redlasso, the troubled video startup that was effectively sued into oblivion last year by major networks including NBC, Fox, and CBS, is back from the dead. The site has just closed a deal with Fox, allowing it to offer embeddable video content to bloggers for the first time since last July. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/03/23/fox-breathes-new-life-into-redlasso/ 3/23)


MyDamnChannel, home of the much beloved You Suck at Photoshop, has secured the rights to stream Pilot Season, one of the real gems to come from NBCU’s now defunct Trio network. It stars a wonderful cast of comedic talent including the promiscuous Sarah Silverman. (Cynopsis 3/23)


Online ad network Federated Media is launching ExecTweets, a real-time tool to help people find, follow and engage with leading business execs on Twitter. ExecTweets, which aggregates tweets into industry verticals, is produced with Twitter and sponsored by Microsoft. (Iwantmedia 3/23, http://blog.federatedmedia.net/archives/2009/03/announcing-exec.php 3/23)


Salesforce.com recently rolled out the Service Cloud, a customer service application that tries to capture the crowdsourced pools of knowledge floating across the internet from sites like Google, Facebook and Amazon, and then uses this information to better equip commercial customer service operations with useful knowledge. Salesforce has now connected Twitter to the Service Cloud, allowing customer service reps using the SaaS to access tweets from more than 8 million Twitter users. (http://www.techcrunchit.com/2009/03/22/salesforce-puts-tweets-in-the-cloud/ 3/22)


Ad-supported, DRM-encumbered online music service SpiralFrog went dark on Friday just 18 months after launching, per CNET. SpiralFrog, which had output deals with only two of the four major labels, had trouble competing with better-established music streaming services. (Cynopsis 3/23)

comScore Top 10 Gaining Properties by % Change in Unique Visitors (U.S.)
Feb. 2009 vs. Jan. 2009
Total Uniques (000)         Jan-09     Feb-09     % Change  Rank by Unique Visitors
The Mozilla Organ.         14,161     22,851        61                 35
HULU.COM                      5,022      7,796        55                127
Wells Fargo                   11,724     18,121        55                 53
IRS.GOV                       14,663     22,068        51                 39
TaxACT                         5,883      7,771        32                130
Hallmark                        3,827      4,863        27                222
News International          4,040      4,902        21                221
Intuit**                      16,172     19,563       21                  46
H&R Block**                  6,073      7,269        20                143
Betawave Partners-Partial 3,582      4,279        19                245
Total Internet : Total
Audience                    191,863    192,187        0         N/A
Source: comScore Media Metrix
*Ranking based on the top 250 properties in February 2009.
**Intuit and H&R Block properties include non-tax related products
and services such as Quicken, Quickbooks, and H&R Block Banking Services

comScore Top 50 Properties (U.S.) – Feb. 2009 Unique Visitors (000)
Rank  Property  Unique Visitors     Rank       Property   Unique Visitors
(000)                                                   (000)
1   Google Sites           148,885     26   Target Corporation    26,961
2   Yahoo! Sites           144,304     27   Bank of America        26,148
3   Microsoft Sites        121,093     28   Time Warner             25,911
4   AOL LLC                105,016      29   Weatherbug Property 25,515
5   Fox Int. Media          84,632     30   Answers.com Sites     24,997
6   Ask Network             71,343     31   Demand Media          24,574
7   eBay                        67,474     32   United Online, Inc     23,860
8   Wikimedia Sites        60,892     33   Gorilla Nation            22,968
9   Amazon Sites            59,944     34   Expedia Inc              22,880
10  Facebook.com           57,375     35   Mozilla Organ.          22,851
11  Glam Media              51,121      36   Photobucket.com      22,606
12  Apple Inc.                 50,867     37   Gannett Sites            22,289
13  Turner Network          48,904    38   AT&T, Inc.                22,137
14  CBS Interactive         48,872     39   IRS.gov                    22,068
15  NY Times Digital        46,199     40   WordPress                22,015
16   Viacom Digital          44,346     41   JPMorgan Chase        20,800
17   craigslist, inc.           39,016     42   Real.com Network     20,407
18   Weather Channel      37,215     43   Shopzilla.com Sites   20,154
19   AT&T Interactive       35,324     44   CareerBuilder LLC     20,083
20   Adobe Sites              33,287     45   Everyday Health       19,942
21   Comcast Corp.          31,958     46   Intuit                       19,563
22   Wal-Mart                  29,415     47   Monster Worldwide    19,559
23   Superpages.com       28,956     48   iVillage.com network  19,433
24   Verizon Comm.         27,979     49   WebMD Health          19,339
25   Disney Online           27,615     50   NBC Universal           19,091
Total Internet : Total Audience      192,187
Source: comScore Media Metrix

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Downloading movies is kind of a fool’s game. You have the movie on disk, but now what? Well, it seems Apple is thinking about adding streaming to the next version of iTunes and, presumably, offering cheaper streaming prices for those so inclined. (http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/02/12/itunes-might-get-streaming-with-acceptable-prices-for-same 2/12)


Borrowing a model from the sporting world, CBS.com is launching a fantasy league for the newest season of Survivor offering the winners a free trip to Brazil. Registered players are randomly assigned a tribe, in which they win points and compete for the top spot on the Leaderboard. Players are able to trade any or all of their Survivor team members and are awarded points based on their team members’ performance in certain categories. (Cynopsis 2/12)


When TV networks and programmers pay for a search-ad link with Google to promote a new show, the likelihood that people actually will tune in to the show goes up 25%, according to the Internet search giant. The likelihood goes up 20% for an existing show, Google said. MediaPost Communications (2/11)

This past December we reported on how Facebook was coming up on Blogger to steal its top spot among social media sites when measured by total unique visitors worldwide.  Now, it appears as though Facebook has finally done it. Data from comScore, which unfortunately goes only through December 2008, shows how Facebook’s visitors (221 million) basically matched Blogger’s (225.5 million) by the end of the year. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/02/12/looks-like-facebook-just-took-the-top-spot-among-social-media-sites 2/12)


Brett Brewer, the co-founder of MySpace‘s parent company before it was sold to News Corp., says the global battle against Facebook is over. Facebook, he predicts, will come to dominate MySpace in worldwide user numbers. “There’s a fundamental shift going on.” (Iwantmedia 2/12, http://business.smh.com.au/business/facebook-tipped-to-outshine-myspace-20090211-84qt.html 2/12)

Trying to differentiate itself from rival Netflix, Blockbuster is launching a pilot program to expand its Total Access online movie rental service to include video games. So in addition to movie titles to choose from, select Total Access subscribers will have access to game titles for a number of platforms including the Nintendo Wii, PS2, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360. (Cynopsis 2/12)

Consider it a sign of the times when internet company Google acquires the buildings and premises of a mill site from a paper, packaging and forest products company that caters to the print industry. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/02/12/google-buys-a-paper-mill 2/12)


Horror maestro Stephen King was on hand Monday to help launch the Kindle 2, reserving a novella exclusively for the device. Now legal thriller specialist John Grisham is close to signing an e-book deal with Bertelsmann AG’s Random House publishing arm to make all 22 of his books available in all e-book formats, reports the WSJ. Amazon’s Kindle has driven two-thirds of all e-book sales thus far, according to estimates. (Cynopsis 2/12)

Cyber-crooks are setting traps on the popular news-sharing Web site Digg. Criminals pose as Digg members and then entice readers with links to “scintillating” online celebrity videos. Those that follow the links are prompted to download software, which turns out to be malware. (Iwantmedia 2/12, http://tech.yahoo.com/news/afp/20090211/tc_afp/usitinternetdiggpanda 2/10)

Increased video consumption will contribute to the overall doubling of Mobile Data Traffic every year through 2013, according Cisco‘s annual Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, updated this week. Almost 64% of the world’s mobile traffic will be video by 2013. The proliferation of netbooks and high-end handsets will be key drivers of traffic; a single laptop can generate as much traffic as 450 basic-feature phones, and a high-end handset such as an iPhone or Blackberry device creates as much traffic as 30 basic-feature phones. (Cynopsis 2/12)

IP Traffic 2006-2012
2008   2009    2010    2011     2012       2013       CAGR
Application (TB per month) ’08-’13
Audio                              3,612   7,996   16,930  35,486   74,503    154,988   112%
Video                             13,062 38,681 107,714 274,820 650,310 1,390,548  154%
P2P                                 6,714 15,851  33,784   69,856 134,224   220,829   101%
Data                               9,680  22,547  48,984 102,054 217,282   417,847   112%
Source: Cisco 2009

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GAMING by Marauder
February 11, 2009, 11:05 AM
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Lifetime Networks has signed a deal with game publisher Merscom to create four casual games based on Lifetime shows. The online games will include two hidden-object adventure games, a simulation game for personal computers and an iPhone game. TVWeek.com (2/10)

In a recession, free is always popular. Traffic to free ad-supported gaming sites increased dramatically last year, according to new research from ComScore Media Metrix. The category grew by 27% year-over-year to 86 million U.S. visitors. Total time spent playing online games also increased 42% from a year ago from 3.7% to 4.9% of all time spent online. And despite the challenging display market, the number of display ad views grew by 29% in the gaming category for the year, perhaps boosted by a 17% reduction in ads per page viewed, a measure of ad clutter. (Cynopsis 2/11)

Top Online Gaming Sites Dec. 2008 vs. Dec. 2007
Total Unique Visitors (000)
Dec-2007      Dec-2008       % Change
Total Internet : Total Audience       183,619       190,650              4
Online Gaming                               67,457        85,977             27
Yahoo! Games                               16,184        19,468              20
EA Online                                      12,673        15,369             21
Disney Games                                11,933       13,458             13
WildTangent Network                        7,650       13,306             74
Addictinggames.com                         9,706       11,343             17
AOL Games                                     8,380        10,750             28
MSN Games                                    9,685        10,263               6
Miniclip.com                                    7,264         8,636              19
Nick.com  Games                             6,020         7,092              18
Spil Games                                      1,821         6,715            269
Source: comScore Media Metrix

Display Advertising Trends in Online Gaming Nov. 2008 vs. Nov. 2007
Online Gaming                                        Nov-2007    Nov-2008       % Change
Total Display Ad Views (MM)                        6,659        8,610               29
Advertising Exposed Unique Visitors (000)    52,066      67,834              30
Advertising Exposed Reach %                        28.6          35.6              25
Display Ads per Page Viewed                         1.00          0.83             -17
Average Frequency                                    127.9          126.9              -1
GRPs Total Population                                 2,271         2,913             28
Source: comScore Media Metrix

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