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LA Artist Retna at the corner of Bowery/Houston


NY artist Wane along Kent Ave in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Kent Ave under the Williamsburg Bridge/ Brooklyn, NYC

Photo Credits: Daily Marauder


This past week, I spent some time in NYC. During my walking trips around the city, I took a few snaps of some incredible street art from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Street art holds quite a bit more worth to me than anything hanging in a gallery because of the circumstances surrounding its viewing. Much in the way Bill Cunningham chronicles street style in the NY Times to show what real (or somewhat real) New Yorkers are doing with the latest runway pieces, street art is built for everyone. Cunningham remarked that “The best fashion show is on the street” and I would add that the best art show is in the same place. No admission fee. No thoughtful head nodding or crowds of people. Just art. Unexpected and there whenever you want it.


It still strikes me as incredibly odd that LA brought the first street art exhibit to creation at the MOCA Los Angeles, while NYC snubbed its nose in Brooklyn. Between the two cities, street art certainly has its place where it is fostered. In NYC, that’s usually the outer boroughs and in LA that’s Hollywood or downtown LA.


I tried to track down the artist behind the bottom piece in Brooklyn but wasn’t successful. If anyone has the information, please leave a comment or email me.


This past weekend, I also watched the 1980’s film Wild Style all about graffiti art culture in the South Bronx, the birthplace of hip hop. It’s not a well-acted film by any means but it’s got a realness to it that’s fascinating.


In other news, Facebook’s IPO finally goes live and experiences some growing pains, the Zuck gets married, the queen and king of disco, Donna Summer & Robin Gibb, passed away, and Pinterest continues to show strength in pushing e-commerce.


Some more Cool Sh-t:

The Anti-Gravity Ball




Downtown LA

Downtown LA

Photo Credit: the bocket

For the past 2 years, I’ve fancied myself a biker. Not simply one of those Spandex-wearing weekend riders but someone who commuted to her midtown office from the East Village frequently. Upon moving from NYC to LA, I thought my cycling would surely increase in intensity. After searching tirelessly for a new bike after mine was stolen in Brooklyn, I picked up some new wheels from Monty at Helen’s Cycles in Santa Monica.

Daily Marauder Bike Weho

My Baby at the Starting Point/ West Hollywood, CA (I can finally rock a spoke card)

After a few weekend rides from Manhattan Beach to Palos Verdes, I thought I was ready to try the commute from my home in West Hollywood to Daily Marauder’s office downtown LA.

The Road

After procrastinating for far too long, I left my house at approximately 9:45AM. I took the diagonal down to Venice Boulevard along San Vicente. The wide road and easy traffic left me feeling over-confident. The computer on my back in my messenger bag started to ping my former shoulder injury almost immediately. Venice Boulevard in sight, I made the left and continued on ‘glee’-ful that I would finally have a bike lane. I did, for perhaps 2 lights. Le sigh.

Then, it was bike lane-free for the remaining 7 miles downtown. The traffic was light which made things fear-free.

Daily Marauder Office Downtown LA

Downtown LA

After arriving at work, I picked up the prerequisite coffee and quiche and carried my bike up the 4 flights of stairs to our office. I was exhausted and what’s more, at around 5PM, I would have to do it all again. Speaking of which, the ride home was by far scarier darting in between cars and buses pretending to be a bad ass while I tried to keep from peeing in my pants.

Distance: 26 miles roundtrip

Time: 2 hours and change

Hills: YES. OK…maybe I’m exaggerating here but I’m used to FLAT.

Pride: You can suck it LA. I’ll be back out there next Monday. This time, I think a back pack is in order.

NYC vs. LA

Daily Marauder Bike NYC

A Statement on the MTA/ Taken at 42nd Street/6th Avenue

In NYC, my morning commute would only consist of 3 miles each way. I would wear my cute dress and flip flops and ride along with the bike messengers to prove you can fashionably pass on the left. I would breeze into HBO feeling hardly challenged and park my bike in bike parking in the basement. The bike messengers and mail people in the building thought my daily commutes were pretty hysterical, especially as I suited up in my heels whipping out my BlackBerry as I motored for the elevator. Bike Barbie in. Professional Barbie out.

In LA, I bike 13 miles to work sneakers and Lululemon wicking fabric in tow. On the eastside, I arrived at work with 2 computers staring back at me. In LA, my MacBook Pro travels on my back. NYC doesn’t do hills unless you count the approach to the George Washington Bridge which really only applies to weekend rides for most people. LA’s got hills boy…HILLS. The last thing you want to see after 12 miles home from work is a wall of hill staring back at you.

Let’s talk cars for a second. Yes, NYC drivers are mean, cut in and out of traffic and will swear at you on a daily basis.

But here’s the difference: at least they know you’re THERE.

LA drivers hardly seem to be paying any attention at all trying to get in that text while looking for the closest Coffee Bean. Wake up y’all! Between NYC and LA, far too many of my friends have been hit by cars. A friend was recently hit in Brooklyn and more than twelve weeks later is still walking with a boot. Hell, I’ve been hit by a cab before. Be careful out there. I know some bikers can be assholes. I’ve seen them and ridden with them. They drive me nutty. Keep in mind; they are the few. Most of us are cool people who just want an alternative means to work outside the 4 wheels and gas tank (not to exclude you hybrids out there). So, in whatever city you live, go get your bike commute on and drop me a note and let me know how it goes.

Bike Commuting in NYC:

Ride the City

NYC Bike Maps

Map My Ride

Bike Commuting in LA:


LA Bikeways

Map My Ride

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Christopher Alameda

Photo & Pour Credit: Chris Alameda (Intelligentsia/Venice, CA)

A couple of nights ago, after a long digi-action-packed day at Digital Hollywood, I rolled up at my friend Sirin’s house for some yummie dinner. I was shocked and delightfully surprised to find Pro-Pourer Christopher Alameda from Intelligentsia in the house. As a former New Yorker, I expect over-cooked pasta or grilled cheese when invited over for dinner. As we all know, New Yorkers hardly use their stoves. OK…you know I’m talking about the ‘hattan. Anyways, the first thing that threw me for a loop was the rack of lamb simmering away in the oven. The second, was the fact that I knew incredible coffee was to be coming my way post- dinner.

But, let me back up for a second. Over the past year, I have slowly become more and more passionate about my coffee brew experience. It started when I visited Ritual in San Francisco and sought out the Clover machine experience. All I knew about the Clover was was that it was developed by a guy from Ideo, but then again, that’s all I needed to know really.

Ritual Daily Marauder

Ritual/San Francisco, CA

Later, I also took a visit to Blue Bottle Coffee, also in San Francisco, and checked out the filter drip method of serving coffee.

Blue Bottle Daily Marauder

Blue Bottle Coffee/San Francisco, CA

Back home in NYC, I settled in with some local coffee favorites, including by far my #1, Gimme Coffee in Brooklyn. On any given week day or night, you would have found me computer-deep at Gimme Coffee with latte in hand while I was living in New York (I’ve since moved to LA).   My obsession with Gimme was dual purpose really. I loved their coffee…and I wanted to become the mayor on Foursquare. (All those who claim on 4Square that I cheated in my quest to become mayor can suck it cry babies.)

Gimme Daily Marauder

Gimme Coffee/Brooklyn, NY

It is here that I first started paying attention to this concept of latte art. To define it, steamed milk is poured into a shot of espresso to create the resulting design. At first, I thought the foamy shapes on top of my favorite espresso brew were mere flirtations from my barista. That ended when I realized that my barista gave many patrons the frothy foam heart. Traitor… I soon began to rate my barista’s ability to deliver on something impressive from rosettas to things even more impressive. Speaking of which, not to call out my former local shop, but when you half ass it Ninth Street Espresso, I judged. You still make a mean cup of coffee tho.

It’s not until I had a long conversation with Chris and Katie from Intelligentsia in LA, that I realized this coffee latte art was more serious than I had originally considered.

To demonstrate this, there art a number of barista championships around the world from the World Latte Championship to the World Barista Championship.

Latte Art

Photo Credit: Anders Madsen

Candidate art for the World Latte Art Championship poured by an employee from the Dromedar coffee bar

Double Pour

Photo Credit: Coffee Geek

The Butterfly Two-Handed Pour by Sammy from Artigiano

If you need further convincing on the seriousness of the art or the competition, take a look at a video of Stephen Morrissey, The 2008 World Barista Champion.

Stephen Morrissey

So, if you dare, go get your latte art on. But please, don’t try it using that sad little Krups machine you have at home.

Marauder Coffee Favorites by City

(Each complete with free in-house Wi-Fi)

Chicago/Los Angeles


Photo & Pour Credit: Christopher Alameda

Intelligentsia (Which I am incidentally also the mayor of on Foursquare for the Venice location)

Several Locations

New York


Photo Credit: Premshree Pillai

Gimme Coffee

Several Locations (Brooklyn is by far my fav)

I like mine in two paws at once. And Gimme, if you ever want to take your special coffee hotness out of NY, email me.

Daily Marauder_Gimme Coffee

San Francisco


Photo Credit: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

Ritual Coffee Roasters

Several Locations

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“Caroline” Copyright 2009 Matt Held and Held Studios. All rights reserved.

Here’s the painting.


And here’s the original.  Original Facebook profile pic that is.  Brooklyn artist Matt Held has been painting Facebook profile pics with the objective of collecting paintings that mirror individual self-portraits.  These paintings are a statement on how we choose to represent ourselves in public and I think a really interesting one.

Social networking sites have given us the ability to create a virtual representation of ourselves filled with our favorite bands, books, and friends.  The most visual representation of this re-creation lies in the profile picture which is carried throughout every conversation on every profile page throughout the social networking universe (i.e. the most important visual in many respects).


This one is my favorite.  Click on the image above to see more of Matt’s work on his web site.

To get your own Matt Held original, sign up for the Facebook group and cross your fingers.  Matt wants to paint 200 portraits when he finishes with this project and over 500 people have already joined his Facebook group.

He has no plans to exhibit his work just yet but will be speaking at the Brooklyn Museum of Art Saturday March 7th about the project if you’re in the NYC area.  He will also be selling these so if you’re interested in purchasing one, contact Matt on his web site.

Daily Marauder has been granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the copyrighted image for personal use only. Any other use of the image or derivations thereof, including any commercial use, without explicit written consent from the copyright owner is strictly prohibited.

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Go on the third edition of Jump!!  For a quick rewind on the genesis of the project, click here.


This time around, we gathered at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for a new take on jumping in front of art.  Art, otherwise known as nature.  We also took one photo down the block in front of the Brooklyn Museum of Art in the shadow of the water fountains.  Possessed by a desire to cool off after an hour of jumping, Kirstin and Cynthia took to the water fountains designed by WET Design, creators of the fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

We were also joined by our friends from Art Start, an award-winning organization empowering at-risk children and teens through art.  Let’s get our jump on y’all.

The Video

For more, click here to view the Flickr stream.

Check out previous editions:

Jump!! 1: MoMa

Jump!! 2: PS 1 & Five Points

Jumpers & Photo Credits:

Kelly Browne

Kissenia Chara

Mary Cunningham

Caroline Giegerich

Kirstin Knezevich

Ivan Oh

Cynthia Singiser

Rasheen Williams

Additional Thanks:

Aaron Ipsa, Johanna de Los Santos, Kiran Paranjpe, Allison Reimus, & Art Start

Jumping Links:

The Inspiration

More Jumping

Live it loud.

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June 5, 2008, 6:36 PM
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This next season of the Real World returns home to New York City, this time in Brooklyn. But don’t expect it to get real. I’ve watched a few episodes of The Real World XX: Hollywood (for those times when I have absolutely nothing else to do). I’m either extremely out of touch or these roommates don’t truly represent their generation. They seem to be cast based on their oddity and intricacies rather than any relation to any normal human being. Did Joey’s alcohol addiction leave him with crossed eyes and the conviction of a six-year old?


And now I have reason to hate them more. Upon moving the show to Brooklyn, the cast mates will move into the Brooklyn loft in the video above. This 2-story 6,000 foot penthouse puts it down with 5 bathrooms, 2 private terraces, 1 roof deck and soon, the obligatory hook-up Jacuzzi. Maybe this is why I can’t relate to them. They’re real estate royalty. . .

All they need is someone to fix that janky Disney-inspired interior design and they have themselves something all NY-ers can be jealous of. Well, all New Yorkers save for those clinging to the idea that the island of Manhattan is still cooler than the boroughs.


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