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Who am I?

My name is Caroline Giegerich and I am the founder/editor of this blog.  I grew up in Rhode Island, but have landed in Los Angeles as a recent transplant from NYC. I am obsessed with all things new media/music/art/coffee-related. In my career thus far, I have had many roles including DJ at a radio station (WBRU), sales executive at the LA Times, 4 years at HBO managing digital product marketing, emerging technology and R&D, 2 years as VP of Innovations for the media agency, Initiative, working on Lionsgate, VIZIO, Dr, Pepper, Carl’s Jr, Kia, & Hyundai, and now running a team devoted to digital/mobile/social at a beauty company.  Wholeheartedly not connected to this, The Wire is by far my favorite show on television. Downton Abbey….close second.

I publish content for this site, blog for the Huffington Post, guest write for Mashable and serve as a consultant in social media and digital product marketing for a variety of television networks and agencies.  If you’re looking for help on either one of these, contact me here and I’ll send you visual examples & links to my strategy and executional work.

This site is devoted to two things: filtering down the mess of the internet (just like a dirty mouth) and spotlighting highlights in digital.  I intend to simplify the noise down to the most relevant details.  On the whimsy side, expect to see everything from art that I find interesting, online video that blows my mind, to how to make some kick ass latte art.

I like to live it loud and I carry that mantra around with me on a daily basis creating a balance between the real world and my iDevices.  I hope you enjoy my effort at consolidation and creativity.

Kick ass logo design by Rocketiron.  Hire him.

If you have a tip or press release you would like to send me, please leave a comment below and I will e-mail you momentarily.

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Hi Caroline

I hope you’re well.
I wanted to email you some press releases, please could you advise me of the best way to do this.

Thank you and kind regards

Comment by Nina Naran

Hi Caroline, I’m working with the Government of Canada to bring some of our best and brightest interactive companies to SXSWi next month (where you’ll be too!). One such company would love to meet with you at your convenience – we have a suite at the Austin Hilton set aside for just such a purpose.
Can you let me know if you’re available? I can be reached at james AT ciaic DOT ca. Thank you so much, and hope to meet you in Austin!

Comment by James Lewis


Comment by bibomedia.com

Hi, Caroline.

I’m also writing regarding press release submission. Do you currently accept releases?


Comment by Meredith

Hey Caroline,

You’re currently feeding me content on my Google dashboard. Thanks much! See ya at Martha’s 30th!


Comment by Korrine K

Hi Caroline:
Would love to send you news updates as well.
Please advise what the best method to communicate.

Comment by Robin

Hi Caraline,

I am based in NYC too, I want to send you some info about a new
people social search that I think you will find interesting.
Please let me know the best way to contact you


Comment by jennifly green

Hei Caroline,

I d like to send you our press release, or let you know about an application we have been developped…
(and btw, I really liked your blog!)
What is the next step?

Many thanks,
I wish you a nice day in New-York, I hope not tooooooo cold ;-) !

Marina –

Comment by Marina

Picad Media would like extend a beta invitation to try out a new technology that would enable you to generate additional revenue without impacting your current advertising solutions. (www.picadmedia.com).

We created a technology, called in-picture advertising that allows relevant ads to appear within the images on your site when a user mouse over them. It does not alter any of the image properties nor conflict with any copyright laws. It is strictly an overlay. The image space is an untapped advertisement real estate, which we believe we can help you monetize by using our technology. It is truly a revolutionary product for bloggers to generate more ad revenue.

As a Beta user, we will honor and allocate higher payout rates for you especially during our official public rollout after Beta. We currently are based on a CPC model but will add a CPM model shortly.

See a working demo of our product on http://www.picadmedia.com/howitw… before you decide.
P.S. I am a personal reader of your blog which is why your blog was added to the list. Would love to see our technology on a blog I read frequently.

Comment by Picad Media

Hi Caroline,

I’m working with A&E to promote a new show and would like to discuss it with you. Please contact me at your convenience.


Comment by melissa macchiavelli

Hello Caroline, we met at the Sound of Art/Airwalk party last week. Love the blog. email me when you get a chance at fragrantmomentsblog@gmail.com

Comment by Fragrant Moments

Rappers do care!

Here is rapper Ghostface Killah and singer Novel’s ode to Rihanna. I think it’s really good to see two men stand up about the issue of domestic violence. Chris Brown could learn something from them!

“Message from Ghostface” (mp3)

Comment by krish

What a wonderful news blog. Since you are in NY, was wondering if you know about DotTV and U4H? They are huge with many sites, and are on the cutting edge of new media.

Comment by Dali

Nope. I don’t! Tell me more…

Comment by Marauder

I don’t have a press release or any other PR douchey thing to pass along to you – I just wanted to let you know that I’m standing to type this message because my butt is too sore to sit from the ride to Nyack on Sunday. Love the blog, especially the Jump pics!

Comment by David

Hope you are doing well! ProductionHUB is celebrating its ten year anniversary by hosting a Behind-the-Scenes Footage Competition with $10K worth of advertising on our site to the winning videos. Our goal is to get users to show off their greatest behind-the-scenes moments from the past ten years. We are not looking for rehearsed interviews or planned scenarios. Rather, we want a true depiction of what life is like behind the scenes, before, during and after the camera rolls. Please pass on to your production friends and contacts! http://www.productionhub.com/video/contest.aspx

Thanks for your time, and let me know if you have any questions on how to enter!

P.S. Also, I can also send you the recent release on our new site features, in case you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. Let me know if interested. Thanks again!

Comment by Katrina Priore

Hi Caroline,

OCR Terminal just came out of Beta and I am hoping you could check it out. Let me know what you think.


Comment by K

Hello !

This is Josh Patel from Viralogy.com, and I wanted to let you know
that one of your readers submitted your blog to our site. Viralogy is
the Social Media Rank and we measure how influential everyone is on
the internet based on a variety of social media metrics (your
“VScore”). If you feel that the info presented by your reader is not
accurate, please claim your blog to make sure you are accurately
presented and to help boost your VScore. Having a higher VScore helps
you 1. establish more authority in your niche, 2. Get discovered by
more readers, and 3. Potentially monetize your blog.

You can claim your blog here: http://www.viralogy.com/blogs/my/115252

If you would like to find out more about the Viralogy team, you can
check out our blog at http://Viralogy.com/blog.

I hope you have a great week and that you will be successful in every
activity you engage in!

With Sincerity,
Josh Patel

Comment by Josh Patel

I’m your biggest fan! Take care of the footie.

Comment by Smercus

Caroline! I’ve been thinking of you and trying to email, to no avail. What’s the best way to stay in touch? Please send news when you can–


Comment by Ari

Hey Caroline

Hope you’re well – I was hoping I could pick your brains about something. luke@bigballsfilms.com
All the best,


Comment by luke taylor

Hey There,

We have created an independent iPhone game called Edamame Touch.

Please let us know if you would like a promo code to play the app and we will send it right over to you. ^_^

Edamame Touch is a simulation game in which you pop beans out of their pod. Footballs, Bacon, Tuxedoes, and other surprises will often reward you in the place of a normal green bean. There are 19 secret beans to unlock and 9 additional achievements to achieve. The game is developed solely by a friend and myself and aims to be a wacky way to spend a 5 minute wait. We will be adding additional secret beans with regular updates to the app.

A trailer can be found on our site at edamametouch.com

Press release is here:

If you need any other information, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thanks for your time!

edamame lovers

Comment by Ran

Hi Caroline,

I was hoping to send you a press release of a new digital signage software that my company has developed. It incorporates live-streaming social media and I think your readers would be really interested.

Can you advise me as to the best way to do this? Thanks!

Comment by Chelsea York


I’d love to add you to my press list for an upcoming gallery show at Lawson Gallery in Culver City. Great blog, btw. I think you’d like this particular show.

Michael Kusek

Comment by Michael Kusek

Enjoying your blog. Great insights. Sending you a link to something you may find interesting – it’s a program called Worldmakers and it’s created and hosted by Bob Jeffrey, the Chairman and CEO of JWT. The guest is Bonnie Fuller, President and Founder of HollywoodLife.com. She’s talking about how brands can connect to women. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Best regards, Jane Dalea-Kahn

Comment by Jane Kahn

Thanks for posting. Certainly some women connect to the idea of celebrity in every way. What makes this site different from an Us Weekly or TMZ?

Comment by Marauder

Hey Caroline,

I thought you would be interested in doing a story on our tech company VSporto, the first 24-hour team-specific internet radio network. We’re based in Ridgeland, Mississippi and we’ve got two 24-hour team-specific radio channels, the first of its kind.

We build our own technology and produce our own exclusive content internally. We have live radio, an On-Demand section and a Text Connect feature, allowing fans to text into shows. Thus Mississippi State and Ole Miss fans can enjoy and interact with radio programming of their team any time they would like. Would love to share more with you, look forward to hearing from you!


Comment by Keith Jasper

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