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January 9, 2012, 11:23 AM
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Photo: Tina Fineberg / AP

As I looked back in 2011, my posts were a little light. Why? Well, simply stated, I’ve been working long hours. Since 2010, I have been in charge of Innovations for an ad agency working with clients like Dr. Pepper, Snapple, Lionsgate, VIZIO, Kia, and Hyundai. My team creates a strategy, brainstorms opportunities and executes innovative marketing strategies across all marketing platforms. In essence, I’ve been busy yo!

That said, in an attempt to give you what I think will be most valuable, I will be starting a weekly digest of the most important news of the week, a curated list of what’s happening in the digital era. Now, I’ve been curating since 2006. I’ve had a bit of experience fine-tuning this operation. In this age of clutter and mountains of information, I hope you will find this helpful. In essence, this will be a cool shit of the week list. And it begins…

As you sat mulling over your recent set of New Year’s resolutions, so did the world and survey says, one of the most popular is disconnecting from social media. Why? Quality, not quantity. If you sat busy reading Steve Jobs’ biography over the holidays like I did, the emphasis on focus should have been clear. If social media is over-used, we fall prey to a lack of focus. In addition, if we spend so much time sharing with strangers all day, we sometimes miss sharing the important things with the ones we hold most dear. If you’ll be at SXSW this March, I will be on a panel on this very topic: “Are We Killing Social With Social?” Come, join and weigh in.

This week, CES comes to Las Vegas. CES draws together the biggest in consumer electronics companies, tech reporters, bloggers, and interested groups in one city. For a list of expected trends from this year’s event, click here. Simply stated, they are ultrabooks, more tablets, smart TV’s, connected everything (cars, appliances, etc), and somewhat lame attempts at copying Apple’s Siri. Microsoft has announced they will no longer make their big announcements at the event as of next year. Apple will continue to hold their own events for announcements. I have been attending CES as a blogger and attendee since 2008. Every year, the big innovation is announced at MacWorld rather than CES. While CES is a collection of the largest consumer electronics’ companies and for that reason alone, important to watch, the sheer mass of gadgets without one clear line of innovation, reigns in the importance just a little bit.

In other news, Kodak has hit the bankruptcy skids, Warner Brothers is making consumers wait even longer for movies to hit Netflix, Lenovo releases the first TV running the Android platform and Apple is planning an event in New York at the end of this month supposedly to reveal plans on publishing and iBooks.


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