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November 4, 2009, 1:10 PM
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October 22, in a parking lot in Ontario, Canada, a 62-year old woman driving a BMW SUV attempts to park. For some unknown reason, she ends up physically mounting her car onto two other cars parked in the lot. At this point, she casually reverses and calmly drives out of the lot without even so much as a , “Sorry I totally f-ked your car” note. Amazing.

What happens next involves a brand very intelligently responding to a bit of popular online video. One of the crushed cars happened to be a Hyundai Elantra. Hyundai responded by buying the owner a new car. They could have done more on the production value of the video but regardless, pretty awesome move for a car company. Just makes you hope that something equally awesome will happen to the other driver.

I still want to know what was happening in that BMW SUV. Cell phone distraction? Partial stroke? What? After witnessing someone drive into a friend’s parked car on the streets of LA, I am amazed at the lengths of driving stupidity. And by the way, the driver who slammed into my friend’s SUV did it with such force that the air bags deployed and he crushed the axel leaving the car un-drivable. Double amazing.

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Sadly, I live in the capital of driving like this. Just this morning on my way to work, some asshat literally muscled me out of my lane and then proceeded to do the same to a driver in front of me. He would have ploughed right into me if I had not been looking at my rear view mirror at the time and partially swerved into another lane to avoid this fucktard. All this during heavy rush hour traffic with not so much as an “I’m sorry” wave.

One day I’m going to be fortunate enough to stop at the same gas station as one of these fine folks who had just performed such a maneuver on me so I can drag them out of their car and shove a gas nozzle up their ass. “20 bucks regular, please…”

Comment by Smercus

Asshat…amazing. When you do finally catch the culprit at a gas station can you make sure it’s somehow video taped. ;)

Comment by Marauder

Wait, can a car really climb onto 2 cars like that?
I’m suspicious on that one…

Comment by olivier

That suspicion is the New Yorker in you. ;)

Comment by Marauder

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