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Disney is close to unveiling technology, code-named Keychest, which will allow consumers to pay a single price for permanent access to a movie or television show across multiple platforms and devices — from the Web, to mobile gadgets and cable services. (WSJ 10/21)

What do I think? Clearly, being able to watch a movie on your iPhone and computer while not having to buy it in both places is a very good thing.


After months of negotiations and holding both off at bay, Twitter now has agreements with both Bing and Googleto give them access to its full feed of public Tweets. Both search engines have been yearning to drink directly from Twitter’s the realtime firehose of micro-messages and all that they carry. A rudimentary version of Bing’s Twitter search

http://i.ixnp.com/images/v6.12/t.gifis already live, and it will soon add public Facebook updates to its search results as well. (Techcrunch10/21)

Yesterday, eBay’s third-quarter results were bitter sweet, with profits declining 29 percent from the same quarter last year. But year-over-year revenue increased for the first time in the past year, thanks in part of strong results posted by PayPal (and Skype). (Techcrunch10/22)

There’s a new Google product called “Social Search” that is launching soon in Google Labs. This is a new feature that allows you to see results for queries from people in your social network. This works by using your Google Profile. If you fill it out with the other social networks you’re a member of, such as FriendFeed, Google will scan who you are connected to and give your results from those people. (Techcrunch10/21)

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