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October 20, 2009, 9:53 AM
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1) 1) The comedy panels are where it’s at.

I was introduced to 3 videos that made my week.

Woman Faceplants Off of Mechanical Bull


#1 on Break.com last week. Currently has amassed over 490K views.

The Ed Hardy Boyz

Ed Hardy

Being a recent transplant from NYC to LA, this Funny or Die video has special meaning to me. This video has currently amassed over 117K views.

I have been blindsided by at least 2 traumatic Ed Hardy shirt sightings in the past 3 weeks. In fact, observe this gentleman in the wild at Digital Hollywood LA. Priceless. I’m not saying that I’m not without fashion fault. I mean, there was a time in junior high during which I rocked jean jumpers. But Ed Hardy flare is no flare at all sir.

Ed Hardy Man from DH

Red Bull Energy Douche with Mandy Moore

Red Bull Energy Douche

Fresh. Clean. Extreme. Must I say more? Being the sort of girl who is obsessed with Red Bull (I’m carrying a sugar free varietal in my purse as we speak), I appreciate this faux-mercial for several reasons. This video on Funny or Die has currently tallied up over 397K views.

Funny or Die apparently doesn’t pay the talent who stars in their videos. Clearly, this makes sense based on the turnaround time in which these videos are produced but honestly, it’s refreshing to see talent working on things that they enjoy. And as a pleasant after taste, these funny little videos clearly garner the actors with a certain amount of brand cache and publicity that is clearly attractive.

Mike Farah from Funny or Die dropped news of a new series coming to HBO showcasing Funny or Die’s best in 30 minute episodes. Can’t wait.

2) 2) “Content is king in the way that religion is the opiate to the masses.”

Sarah Szalavitz from 7 Robot uttered one of the most intriguing statements I’ve ever heard, in any digital panel frankly, earlier this morning. There is some considerable debate afoot about whether content is still king. Some say the community is king. Some say that content has lost a bit of cache in the world of online media. I still say that great content is king. There’s a lot of content out there but to be great, is to be the most powerful beast in the room.

Just in case you’re not sure, THIS is great content.

the wire

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