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A concert by U2 at the Pasadena Rose Bowl in California on Sunday will be streamed live on YouTube. The stream will be accessible in 16 countries. The Google-owned video site says that the concert will be archived and available for later viewing, with overlay advertising. (LA Times 10/20)

Click below for U2’s YouTube channel.

U2 Live

I’m still not sure if the Twitter stream is the right place to be for advertising, but with the way the company set out to make it easy for developers to build upon their platform with open APIs, it’s no wonder so many ad networks have sprung up since it got started. Its massive growth and the fact that the San Francisco startup is a media and celebrity darling probably helped in that regard, too. (Techcrunch10/20)

Google is going to make a lot of frequent flyers, and Virgin America, happy this holiday season. As a gift to people who fly on Virgin America’s WiFi-equipped planes, Google will be footing the bill

http://i.ixnp.com/images/v6.12/t.giffor everybody on board between November 10, 2009, and January 15, 2010. (Techcrunch10/20)

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