Daily Marauder

October 19, 2009, 2:41 PM


YouTubeentered into a landmark programming deal with the UK’s Channel 4to make a broad variety of catch-up programming available on YouTube’s British site after it initially airs. Full episodes of shows such as Skins, Hollyoaks, The Inbetweeners and Peep Show will be available in the coming months on the “4oD” VOD service, in a addition to a selection of some 3,000 hours of programming from Channel 4’s archive. YouTube will be permitted to sell ads around the content and the British broadcaster will also deploy its own digital sales force to help monetize the platform. The deal is the first time YouTube, which is now serving 1 billion video streams per day, has tied up with a major broadcaster to feature long-form content. (Cynopsis 10/19)

This is the best thing to happen to online video in a very long time. Peep Show is imaginative witty, and hella funny. Check out the original before the Americanized version bastardizes it.

Seattle-based web-based retailer Amazon.com is feeling the pressure from a brick-and-mortar competitor. WalMart.com kicked off a price war of sorts, cutting the price of high profile hardcover books including Stephen King’s upcoming Under the Domeand Sarah Palin’s Going Rougedown to $10 (including free shipping) per the WSJ. Amazon responded by cutting the prices of its top ten selling titles to $9 (setting the Kindle version of the books at the same price.) (Cynopsis 10/19)

Online news sites that aspire to charge users are unlikely to be successful, according to a study in Australia by Nielsen. News consumers “are not brand loyal.” A single provider introducing a paid-for model will likely result in “the provider being taken out of the competitive mix.” (Smarthouse10/16)


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