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May 12, 2009, 11:34 PM
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While SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone is now available in the App Store, it only will work over a Wi-Fi connection as opposed to a cellular data connection. It also will run you $29.99. The only good news we could scrounge up is that Sling has allowed/enabled the iPhone client to work on any Slingbox, but they won’t officially support it. All in all, we’re sad to say, we really don’t see this going over well. (http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2009/05/12/slingplayer-mobile-for-iphone-available-in-app-store-in-wi-fi-only-flavor-runs-2999/  5/12)

Was so excited about this when I first heard about it at CES in January but at $29.99 and only available on Wi-Fi, now less so.


People who use search engines on iPhones and devices that run Android software do so in a different fashion than users of conventional devices, findings that could have implications for how companies market and advertise over cell phones, according to a new study Google released. The study shows iPhone users tend to replicate their computer-based behavior in making longer queries than those who used search engines on other devices. MediaPost Communications (5/11)

Amazon took another step Monday toward pursuing a multiplatform agenda for selling electronic books by debuting a version of its Kindle Store that is designed specifically for the shape and size of iPhone and iPod screens. The iPhone’s App Store provides the downloadable Kindle application for free. InformationWeek (5/11)


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