Daily Marauder

by Marauder
May 5, 2009, 1:55 AM


A rough copy of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" leaked onto the Internet may have kept some moviegoers away from the film’s opening this weekend. But the true impact is hard to calculate. An exec with backer 20th Century Fox admits: "I don’t know that we’ll ever know" the effect. (Iwantmedia 5/4, http://www.reuters.com/article/industryNews/idUSTRE5421WG20090503  5/3)

I’m distracted from caring about the success of this film as I stare at how disturbingly gorgeous Hugh is in this picture.  That’s right.  We’re on a first name basis…


YouTube, seeking to monetize as much of its content as possible, is sending notices to content producers who have inked branded integration deals with advertisers, reminding them that they are not allowed to post commercial videos on the site without permission. (Iwantmedia 5/4, http://www.mediaweek.com/mw/content_display/news/digital-downloads/broadband/e3i3744fbefe2a504e91db238addd1c4d76  5/3)

Hulu premiered an exclusive clip of Disney Pixar’s upcoming film on the site today.  Check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.


Observers expect new MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta to concentrate on the 13- to 34-year-olds who make up much of the audience of the online social network. Audio and video are likely to be increased. MySpace "sees itself as a media platform, akin to a television." (Iwantmedia 5/4, http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/04/technology/companies/04myspace.html  5/3)

The White House is starting to use Twitter, Facebook and News Corp.’s MySpace to connect with Americans. President Obama’s administration is creating pages on the social-networking sites, which have already attracted more than 100,000 followers — mostly on Facebook. (Iwantmedia 5/4, http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aKakW6.eXd3s 5/3)

Only one third of online U.S. homes currently own a DVR, but almost everyone has a computer, and all those people increasingly are using them to watch full-length TV shows. According to this report, most viewers watch online because they missed the show when it was on TV, they can watch their favorite show anytime they want, it’s free to watch, there are fewer ads and they can watch old TV shows that are no longer on TV. Advertising Age (5/4)


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