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Techcrunch rode in the new Tesla Model S sedan yesterday and were captivated by the massive 17-inch touch screen (so was Gizmodo) featured in the center console of the car. Both Tesla CEO Elon Musk and chief designer Franz von Holzhausen didn’t say much about the on screen system, except that it does have touch capability, it is an “entertainment center” and that it is a prototype which is still undergoing changes and improvements (see what both Musk and von Holzhausen said in our video). (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/04/09/a-look-at-the-tesla-s-17-inch-haptic-entertainment-and-navigation-system 4/9)


Land Rover is the latest automaker to offer factory-installed HD Radio, which will be made available for its 2010 models. HD Radio is offered by 13 auto brands in more than 70 lines of vehicles, according to iBiquity. Radio Ink (4/8) , Radio Online (4/8)

The rumor mill continues to churn about how Apple will update the iPhone and iPod Touch this summer. A persistent one is that it will feature a new Broadcom chip what would allow it to connect to WiFi using the 802.11n standard. This would not only boost the quality of video streaming but it would also give the gadget FM radio streaming capabilities. (Cynopsis 4/10)

Hitachi Japan is preparing to ship a new series of HDTVs called the UT800, an LCD that’s just 1.4 inches thick. The sleek model is part of a major product release for the company, which encompasses 11 new sets in two separate series that will begin to roll out next month. Electronista (4/9)

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