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The University of Warwick’s Audio Technologies group says it has developed a new kind of speaker that is flat, flexible and only 0.25mm thick. Warwick officials say the speaker panels are cheap to make and could be adapted to fit a variety of interiors where space is in short supply. The first commercial application of the “Flat Flexible Loudspeaker” is due later this year. Pocket-lint.co.uk (4/3)


T-Mobile plans to launch a home phone and a tablet PC in early 2010, according to company documents. Both devices will run on Google‘s Android operating system, which powers the company’s G1 smartphone. The move represents a push by T-Mobile and Google to enter the home-electronics market. The New York Times (4/5)

AT&T announced plans last week to sell a selection of netbooks in Atlanta and Philadelphia with the lowest cash barrier to entry yet. If a subscriber commits to its 2-year $60/mo. netbook plan, they can take home an Acer netbook for just $50 or a mini Dell PC for $100. Both computers can connect to the net via AT&T’s 3G DataConnector network or the company’s Wi-Fi network at Starbucks across the country. (Cynopsis 4/6)

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