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April Fools Day arrives with fear of the latest superworm, dubbed Conflicker or alternatively Downup or Kido. The worm, which is believed to have burrowed its way into more than 3 million Windows-based PCs in the U.S. and another 10 million internationally, is expected to manifest itself in some way today, possibly causing massive network outtages. Microsoft has been concerned enough about the malware to organize a task force to combat the effects of Conflicker and offer a $250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the hackers who cooked it up. (Cynopsis 4/1)

Panasonic plans to launch new 3-D Blu-ray players and 3-D HDTVs by 2010. The company hopes the new technology will allow it to charge more for products that have been slipping in value lately, even as competitors eye similar strategies. The Boston Globe/The Associated Press (3/31)

(Below) Not sure of the purpose of this one but OK.  When have you thought to yourself…I’m going to start watching in the living room…and finish in the den!  Or maybe it’s because I live in a cramped NYC apt?

Time Warner Cable and Motorola have announced that they are partnering on a multiroom DVR system that is based on tru2way technology. The system, to be called Follow Me TV, is expected to launch later this year and will give users the flexibility to begin watching a show or movie in one room and finish watching it on another set in the house. Multichannel News (3/31)

Samsung Vice President Jonas Tanenbaum says the company is making a play to “take an ownership position” in three out of four ranges of the LED HDTV market. The company is relying on side-fired LED HDTVs to give it a competitive edge, saying the new technology is more cost-effective and allows the devices to be even slimmer. Dealerscope (4/1) , TWICE (3/31) , ElectronicHouse.com (3/31)

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