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Starting next month, Cadillac will roll out cars equipped with wireless Internet access at a list price of $500, plus a monthly usage fee of $29, according to reports. The Autonet-produced Cadillac WiFi will be offered on the CTS sport sedan, making the carmaker one of the first to install Wi-Fi on a production vehicle. CNET (3/19)

I don’t like using ‘Wi-Fi’ for all.  Wi-Fi to me means the speed that I can get in my apt over cable broadband not 2.5G mobile broadband.  Why must we always confuse the public?  Will people use this or as laptops employ integrated mobile broadband technology, will these ‘mobile broadband’ devices become unnecessary?  I’m going mobile broadband with my Daily Marauder jacket.  Stand within 150 ft of me while wearing it and get 2.5G.  Flirting, geek fabulous style.


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says that a search partnership with Yahoo remains a compelling prospect and an important step to better compete with Google. Ballmer adds that he expects to sit down and talk with new Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz after she settles into her new post. (Iwantmedia 3/20, http://www.smartmoney.com/news/ON/?story=ON-20090319-000785-1224 3/19)

TomTom has announced a map-updating service that enables customers to pay for a single map update or a full-year subscription. “The road network changes up to 15% each year, but with our 30 Day Latest Map Guarantee, TomTom Map Share and now, TomTom’s Map Update Service, users can rest assured … their maps are always accurate and up to date,” said TomTom President Jocelyn Vigreux. The Boston Globe (3/19) , TWICE (3/19)

Sony will freeze pay and cut bonuses for its workers after forecasting a record loss. The company is deciding not to raise employee pay for the 12 months starting April 1. Sony will also cut bonus payments to the equivalent of four months’ salary from six months’ wages paid last year. (Iwantmedia 3/20,  http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aUelnan1CmEk 3/19)

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