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If you haven’t heard about PlayOn, MediaMall’s PC-to-console video streaming software, you will soon. Moving to become a major player in the streaming content world, PlayOn has grabbed some huge wins lately, and it doesn’t look like they’re planning on slowing down. In a software update hitting today, PlayOn has added streaming support for Amazon’s Video on Demand service along with content from Revision3. (http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/03/06/playon-moves-to-rule-to-streaming-content-roost 3/6)


MySpace is said to be falling behind rival Facebook in the all-important race to sign up new users. The social network “simply isn’t as hot as it was four years ago,” when Rupert Murdoch acquired it for $580 million. In today’s economy, MySpace “can’t afford to miss a step.” (Iwantmedia 3/6, http://money.cnn.com/2009/03/05/technology/myspace_struggles.fortune/?postversion=2009030510 3/5)


News Corp. publisher HarperCollins is launching BookArmy, a Web site offering book recommendations based on a user’s previous reads and the opinions of other users. Visitors can enter the name of a favorite book and the site will generate a list of literary suggestions. (Iwantmedia 3/6, http://www.brandrepublic.com/Discipline/Media/News/887917/HarperCollins-launches-recommendation-site-book-lovers 3/5)

Cool. Tried a few titles and the recommendation engine seemed to be working for the titles I could find.


President Obama is appointing Vivek Kundra, the District of Columbia‘s chief technology officer, as the federal government’s first chief information officer. Kundra is charged with making government data “more accessible.” Obama still plans to name a chief technology officer. (Iwantmedia 3/6, http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/03/05/AR2009030501060.html 3/5)


Google is introducing an “expandable” advertising format across its content network as its steps up its focus on rich media ads. The new ad format expands from a standard AdSense ad size to take up most of the page, allowing marketers to include video and multiple images. (Iwantmedia 3/6, http://www.nma.co.uk/Articles/41756/Google+launches+expandable+ad+format+across+Content.html 3/5)

To boost morale and retain workers, Google is offering to lower the exercise price on stock options issued in better times. The change will give the Internet giant’s employees a better chance to profit if the stock rebounds. The adjustment opens a new moneymaking window for 17,000 staffers. (Iwantmedia 3/6, http://tech.yahoo.com/news/ap/20090306/ap_on_hi_te/google_stock_options 3/6)

Techcrunch already showed you one dirty way of re-enabling Hulu on Boxee but now there is an official work around direct from Boxee via RSS. The latest build adds support for video RSS fees and so…all you need to do is add Hulu’s public RSS feed to the app’s reader. It’s surely not as sexy as the past application, but it’s better than nothing. Plus, App Box and auto update show how fast this alpha release is maturing. (http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/03/06/boxee-adds-hulu-support-kind-of-app-box-and-auto-update 3/6)

Facebook has just announced that applications on Facebook Platform can now be able to take advantage of the site’s built-in chat functionality, which launched last spring. Developers will now be able to present users with a list of their Facebook Chat buddies, tailoring the list to best suit their application (for example, they can choose to only present friends that already have the app installed). (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/03/05/facebook-apps-can-now-use-chat-to-go-viral 3/5)

Amazon has been on Twitter since 2007, but recently the company has been stepping up its efforts with the micro-blogging platform. Among the new features, the company has set up accounts for its wish lists and payment services. American City Business Journals/Seattle (3/6)

ComScore estimates that 76.8% of the U.S. internet audience watched online video in Jan, watching an average of 6 hours for the month – up 15% from Dec. More than 100 million viewers watched 6.3 billion videos on YouTube during the month, or 62.6 apiece. MySpace drew 54.1 million viewers who watched 473 million clips, or 8.7 videos apiece. (Cynopsis 3/6)

Top U.S. Online Video Properties by Unique Viewers – January 2009
Property Unique Viewers (000) Average Videos per Viewer
Total Internet 147,322 100.7
Google Sites 101,870 62.5
Fox Interactive Media 62,109 8.9
Yahoo! Sites 41,859 8.9
Microsoft Sites 30,042 8.9
AOL LLC 27,198 6.8
HULU.COM 24,448 10.2
CBS Corporation 24,215 4.2
Viacom Digital 24,126 11.9
Turner Network 22,979 8.5
Disney Online 13,435 10.5
Source: comScore Video Metrix

Top U.S. Online Video Properties by Videos Viewed – January 2009
Property Videos (000) Share (%) of Videos
Total Internet 14,831,607 100.0
Google Sites 6,367,638 42.9
Fox Interactive Media 551,991 3.7
Yahoo! Sites 374,161 2.5
Viacom Digital 287,615 1.9
Microsoft Sites 267,475 1.8
HULU.COM 250,473 1.7
Turner Network 195,983 1.3
AOL LLC 184,808 1.2
Disney Online 141,452 1.0
MEGAVIDEO.COM 102,857 0.7
Source: comScore Video Metrix Rankings based on video content sites; excludes video server networks. Online video includes both streaming and progressive download video.

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