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HBO just launched a sweepstakes leading up to the premiere of Sex and the City The Movie on HBO. Get your Manolo on all over again with Sex and the City: The Movie Girls Night In Cross-Platform Sweepstakes.  The grand prize is a $10,000 ultimate shopping spree plus daily instant win prizes. Create your Sex and the City Fashionista and post her to your Facebook page. Unlock new must-have accessories by watching short Sex and the City videos on HBO on Demand, HBO.com, HBO on Broadband, Comcast.net, Fancast, Road Runner.com, Cox.net and various other sites.  Or join the Facebook fan page and upload a pic of your Fashionista there.


To rev up for the premiere of The Watchmen, Joost has put together a compendium of comics-themed video clips dating back to the original Flash Gordon shorts from the 1930s. (Cynopsis 3/2)


Many U.S. Christians are swearing off Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other new technologies for Lent. Thousands of Facebook users are signing up for “Giving up Facebook for Lent” groups on the site, posting notices that they will be gone for the next six weeks. (Iwantmedia 3/2, http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2009/03/most_days_you_can_find.html 3/1)

After a couple of false starts, 2009 just might be the year that interactive television begins to fulfill its potential for the cable TV industry. According to this report, the country’s largest cable firms have upgraded about 20 million set-top boxes to make them more amenable to interactive applications and, as Comcast Chief Operating Officer Steve Burke said, “Clearly, there is a huge, huge business out there if you can get the interactivity that you currently get when you advertise on the Internet married with television spots.” Multichannel News (3/2)

Nielsen released its January Video Census numbers revealing that total video streams topped 10 billion in the U.S. for the first time. Live streaming of President Obama’s inauguration helped increase the overall internet video audience increased to 135 million. After a basically flat Dec., YouTube increased its traffic by a measurable clip to 5.8 billion streams from 92 million unique users, up from 5.5 billion streams/84 million users in Dec. Following its Superbowl ad campaign, the aliens at Hulu rolled past Fox Interactive Media to the #3 ranking in terms of total streams while ABC nearly doubled its video viewer base from 3.5 million to 6.2 million. CNN also saw a huge boost from its Facebook inauguration integration, delivering 152 million streams to 5.6 million unique viewers in Jan., up from 95 million streams/8.3 million uniques in Dec. (Cynopsis 3/2)

Overall Online Video Usage (U.S.)
Nov-08      Dec-08      Jan-09        Percent Change
Unique Viewers (000)           124,262    124,611       135,617            +8.8%
Total Streams (000)          9,548,267  9,593,320  10,457,785             +9.0%
Streams per Viewer                76.8            77              77.1               +0%
Time per Viewer (min)           177.9         170.7            178.6             +4.6%
Source: Nielsen Online VideoCensus, Includes progressive downloads, excludes video advertising

Top Online Brands ranked by Video Streams for December 2008 (U.S.)
Brand                                          Total Streams (000)   Unique Viewers (000)
YouTube                                            5,810,271                     92,563
Yahoo!                                                 273,968                     24,518
Hulu                                                    232,444                       7,238
Fox Interactive Media                             213,351                     16,318
Nickelodeon Kids and Family Network        204,212                        6,268
MSN/Windows Live                                171,909                      14,468
ABC.com                                              163,503                       6,221
CNN                                                    152,780                     11,444
Turner Sports and Ent. Digital Network      143,481                       5,698
Megavideo                                             90,952                       4,439
Source: Nielsen Online VideoCensus, Includes progressive downloads, excludes video advertising

Top 10 Parent Companies/Divisions for January 2009
Parent                Unique Audience (000)    Time Per Person (hh:mm:ss)
1.  Google                       140,202                        2:13:20
2.  Microsoft                    128,870                        2:35:34
3.  Yahoo!                       120,032                        3:32:25
4.  AOL LLC                       88,989                        3:52:12
5.   News Corp. Online         82,746                        1:26:10
6.   InterActiveCorp            67,670                        0:17:25
7.   eBay                           66,942                        1:51:31
8.   Amazon                       65,374                        0:28:08
9.   Facebook                     62,459                        2:50:02
10. Wikimedia Foundation     60,852                        0:19:28
Source: Nielsen Online

Top 10 Web Brands for January 2009
Brand               Unique Audience (000)  Time Per Person (hh:mm:ss)
1. Google                    135,613                    1:31:58
2  Yahoo!                    118,824                    3:33:04
3. MSN/Windows Live    105,900                    2:24:41
4. Microsoft                   99,169                    0:46:59
5. AOL Media Network      88,989                    3:52:12
6. YouTube                    84,240                    1:02:19
7. Fox Interactive Media   71,244                    1:26:05
8. Facebook                   62,444                     2:50:04
9. Wikipedia                   60,382                     0:19:26
10. Apple                       59,482                     1:24:16
Source: Nielsen Online

Average U.S. Internet Usage, Combined Home & Work, Month of January 2009
Sessions/Visits per Person                   62
Domains Visited per Person                 115
Web Pages per Person                    2,580
Duration of a Web Page Viewed     0:00:55
PC Time per Person                    74:45:35
Active Digital Media Universe  168,734,519
Current Digital Media             229,254,813
Universe Estimate
Source: Nielsen Online

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