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February 27, 2009, 7:51 PM
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With its App Store, Apple has succeeded in persuading iPhone customers to shell out a buck or two for information and other content that is available for free on the Internet, a feat that has impressed industry observers, who analyze how the company has created such a business. The New York Times (2/26)


CBS’s TV.com released its first iPhone app powered by Veveo that can play full episodes of a number of TV shows including two C.S.I.’s, NCIS, and the original Star Trek from the Paramount television vaults. One of the cooler features is a tool that enables users to create customized video feeds based on favorite shows, networks or topics. The feeds recommend content based on past viewing habits. (Cynopsis 2/27)

It’s at least worth stating that TV.com has beat Hulu in getting an iPhone application to market.  That said, without playing around with it, Hulu focuses on quality rather than presence so I have a feeling that their iPhone app will be a superior experience.  Yup, all guess work…but I’d bet on it.

Hip blogging platform Tumblr released its own free iPhone app that builds upon the features of the previously-released third party $1.99 Tumberette app. Features include the ability to post text, photos, links, chat or audio posts directly to your Tumblr blog. (Cynopsis 2/27)

A new report from ComScore suggests that mobile phones may be increasing the overall pie of web surfers or at least that heavy PC users are not necessarily also heavy mobile web users. Those who spend the least amount of time in front of their PCs are 30% more likely to surf the web on their mobile phones. The study also found that 15.2% of “light” PC internet users accessed news and information on their mobile device at least once per week, compared to a lower 11.7% of heavy PC internet users. (Cynopsis 2/27)

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