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JUMP!!: THE MOMA NYC by Marauder
February 25, 2008, 6:45 PM
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When asked what I did this weekend, I’m happy to respond, “Ah, you know. I went to the MoMa with some friends, jumped in front of some art. . .”

Why you ask?

Well, it happens that I was inspired by something that a dear friend sent me via e-mail about a month ago. Let’s just call her Nita. Nita sent me an e-mail with a link to an amazing web site: http://jumpinginartmuseums.blogspot.com . Being a girl who likes to jump and be photographed doing it, I found this site intriguing.

So, what’s a fellow blogger to do? I e-mailed the site mistress Allison, explained to her my intentions of planning a jumping excursion in my home city of NYC and asked if she would post. She responded hell yeah and warned me about the MoMa security guards.


Hence, Jump!!! came to be this past Saturday at the MoMa. We jumped for hours and I have joint issues to prove it. We were microcelebrities for a few hours inspiring a gathering of paparazzi to take our pictures and watchers to laugh out loud. It felt good. It felt like we had truly inspired happiness in the few passers by that day.


So what did I learn? Apart from the fact that some of my friends have cheerleading background, I learned that the power of the internet comes not only from the ability to consume, but from the ability to create as well. And given the power to create, its amazing what we come up with. For a gallery of the remaining photos, click here. I’ve sent the photos off to Jumping in Art Museums and hope to see the photos posted in a few weeks there as well. I’ll update when I have that link and post here. Big thanks to all of my crazy jumping bean friends for producing some really amazing photos. You guys rock.










Live it loud.


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That was imasing awesome and a craxy idea! It is a great experience to jump in a museum, I never come up with such an idea!! How funny! *laugh*
greetings from the german guy at the stairs!
Manuel ;-D

Comment by Manuel


Thanks for joining in! It was nice to have a few more boys in the group.


Comment by Marauder

AWESOME! This looks like a ton of fun! Nice moves.

Comment by just one tall girl

This is AWESOME!!!!! I would’ve joined you in a
harpbeat, no pun intended! More people should jump (and wear sequins ;)

Comment by MERRY MERRY!

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