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Meet Kitt

Knight Rider gets a jump start back to network television this Sunday, February 17th on NBC. The sequel will return as a 2-hour movie event featuring a guest appearance by Michael Knight himself, David Hasselhoff. I’m sorry for what you’re about to see but I couldn’t pass this opportunity up.


After Baywatch was cancelled, I thought I would never have the opportunity to see a Hasselhoff-running-in-slow-motion moment. I just hope that this is my new lease on life. . .

Kitt, which stands for Knight Industries Three Thousand, is a tricked out version of the 2008 Ford Shelby KR 500. The car sports a mean 550 hp with a 5.4 V8 engine for some extra pull. Over 600 hours were spent in construction and design and this one comes in three flavors for KITT’s triumphant return.

KITT Hero: An every day variety

KITT Attack: A super high-speed version that transforms into Attack mode with the help of air-ride technology and specialized body parts. Oh yah, and they disabled all of the safety controls on the car of course.

KITT Remote: A driverless version of the Hero vehicle.

Video of Kitt


And now introducing. . .


Meet the Cinemax 300C

In promotion of Cinemax’s Month of 300 beginning in March, Cinemax has teamed up with RIDES Magazine to design a pimp version of the 2008 Chrysler 300C. The month of 300 features over 300 titles including movies, original series, and shorts. What’s better than watching 300 of your favorite shows? Watching them in you car of course. The overhaul serves up 22-inch wheels with red rims, custom body kit, 4 interior video screens and a 37″ flat screen with massive sound system built into the trunk.

22-Inch Wheels with Red Rims


Screen and Sound System in the Trunk




Video of the Cinemax 300


Cinemax’s Hysterical Sparta Commercial


So here’s the main diff between the two. The Cinemax 300 C, while visually stunning, sports a design overhaul rather than an internal overhaul.

Power: KITT

It’s 500 hp and 5.4 V8 compared to the 190hp 2.7 V6 of the 300C smokes the competition.

Design: Cinemax 300C I’m a sucker for red rims and a flat panel screen with audio system in my trunk.

Winner: Cinemax 300 C

I don’t really need KITT’s smoke screen and ‘attack mode’ to scare the traffic behind me. I just wanna look hot behind the wheel. Lucky for me, there’s a sweepstakes I can enter. The motto of the 300 should be Slow your Roll. . .especially because, the Shelby would smoke the 300 in a competiton.

Both cars have a sweepstakes. To slow your roll, click here.

To hit it and quit it, click here.

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Greeting’s from the U.A.E

Thank you for the topics, but can you fill me in on where i can get the same exact rims of that 300c ?

I have been going back and forth, untill i found what I want, so i would really appreciate it if you could tell me where to find them..

Best regards

Comment by Mohammed

Checking in with my contact at Cinemax. He should have an answer for you within a day.

Comment by Marauder

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